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    Hey DC User Group!


    We have an awesome agenda planned for you next week and one of the topics is Community Tips and Tricks. To better prepare ourselves with the best Tips and Tricks designed for the DC UG, we are hoping you can help us out by filling out the below grid.


    Name CompanyMy Biggest Pain PointMy Greatest SuccessInternal or ExternalVersion


    Kelly from Unicorn Inc

    My biggest pain point right now as a Community Manager is I inherited this legacy community and it is messy. I would love some ideas about how to revamp some areas and best practices for sun-setting others.I think our company has done a great job of creating a great on boarding experience for our new employees. We have tailored experience for all our employees etc
    Barbara Giannini from UMUCWe started our internal instance very open and free, using spaces more than groups and giving admin rights to a few people per space and let them create their spaces as they wanted.  Now, we have thousands of spaces that look like a 1990 bad web-designed nightmare, unused sub spaces and admins giving admin rights to more people.  I'm trying to figure out how to rein everyone back in and provide structure and organization when it comes to their official department spaces.   I'm stuck in re-training hell and doing the audit of spaces is horrible.  The reporting tools aren't helpful at all.  Lastly, we have our whole organization attached to using Overview Pages and Jive is pushing Activity places (like when you create a new place, unless you know to click Advanced Options, you get an Activity place).   I would like to hear how other organizations are handling their maturing communities.We did a good job introducing Engage (Jive) to UMUC.  Our launch events and fun contests made it easy and not scary.  We retired our stateside intranet and I just found out our European division has just now decided to retire their intranet and use Engage.  They were the ones most stuck on their intranet.  It took almost 3 years, but making all UMUC communications lead back to Engage worked.  Europe finally realized that if you want to communicate, Engage is the place to do it.InternalCloud

    Katie Roberts

    Laureate Higher Education / Walden University

    Governance and getting enterprise-buy in around the need for governance.


    An easier way to extract all of the data from the different data points available into a centralized interface. We currently access 4 different data sources within Jive, plus Google Analytics, and a few other tools. I accept the "other tools". I am challenged with having to put BI requests together to get data out of the database, Jive requests to get out of the Jive-only info, figuring out the discrpencies in data with JSC or JCS .. i get that cloud thing acronym mixed up. Then getting data out of community manager reports. Now tie it all together into a pretty report - I've done spent 40+ hours on it and it's time for the next report again.

    Seeding the community with high engagers, influencers, and ambassadors.

    When we launched in Feb, we opened the community to student/alumni ambassadors and got their feedback, made some changes. Then we invited in our top engagers on FB, TW, etc. and had them start conversations, provide feedback. Then did the same with Influencers. When we rolled it out to the public about a month later, we had quite a few awesome lively conversations which made "community" very easy.


    Our ambassador engagement program is pretty awesome, too.

    7.0.2 Hosted
    Tom Daly from TrueTandemAcross the board adoption: some users regularly post to Jive and collaborate, but other users still drive discussions and content through other vehicles. It creates a bit of a disjointed experience, where individual users wondering "Where did I see this, or where do I find this?".

    Collaboration across projects: it has promoted collaboration among staff that don't work on the same projects but face similar challenges. This increases the effectiveness of each staff member without the need for a mandate.

    Ben M. from ReingoldReorganizing the community/information architecture to reflect a quick and unexpected expansion of our community across different silos of a very large organization that is undergoing rapid and large scale organizational transformation and restructuring.Building a group of strong community advocates and early adopters who are showing their colleagues the great potential our community holds.Internal7 Hosted
    Nathaniel Elliott from offLabsRedefining how to get 'work done' on a platform vs individuals just using it as social water cooler. Additionally, the analytics behind these things to prove the ROI.Working with organizations in implementing their projects and customizing them for their own business use-cases.Multiple Instances7 On Prem

    Emilia Galiano


    World Bank Group

    Biggest challenge is still conveying the business value and the comparative advantage (on a massive scale, one on one is fine)  of the platform when compared to other available tools. Explaining possible different business use cases and ways to integrate the platform into business processes is still a challenge. Echoing what has been mentioned above: governance, ROI measurement (in actual time saving and cost saving, not just qualitative accounts), gardening (deleting old and empty groups), and accessing relevant data on activity and membership (especially for the external platform).

    We have been very good at using the Jive platform to crowdsource ideas and innovations (through time bounded challenges). Successful use cases, training, embedding the platform into different communication channels (newsletters linking back to the platform or static intranet linking back to the platform), building the supporting environment, and a lot of marketing and one on one support/coaching resulted in increasing adoption and brought more engagement from senior management as well (which started a positively reinforcing loop).

    Multiple Instances

    (Internal and External)

    On prem and in the hosted cloud, both on 7.

    Nathalie Feimster


    Marriott International

    I just started at Marriott in July, so my biggest challenge has been re-energizing the external and very seasoned community of Rewards members who are starved for attention. We have so much content within the platform that we'd love to utilize across channels and APIs. These past few months have been a lot of ramp up and I'm just now diving in to how we can use all of this awesome UGC across the board.We reported a very strong Q3 - with a record high number of unique monthly contributions to the communityExternal5 Hosted