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    You may sometimes see that if you search for certain words that Jive is not familiar with, the system will come back with a "Did you mean?" search term recommendation.


    There are times when this recommendation may not be helpful or be confusing.  It is possible in Jive to add certain words to your system's "Spell Check" dictionary, so that specific recommendations will not be provided. You can also disable the "Did you mean" recommendations as a whole in Jive.


    Here is an example of someone searching for "discuusion" and Jive recommending that the user run a search for "discussion" instead:


    Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.10.08 PM.png


    • Applies to Jive 6, 7, Jive Cloud (Fall 2014 Release)




    When you perform a search, if your search returns less results than a given amount (5 results by default), the system will check the search term against the dictionary to determine whether you've misspelled your search term.  If the system does not find your search term in the dictionary, it will find the dictionary word that the search analyzer determines is the closest match. 


    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to modify the search analyzer, but there are two options to address this behavior:

    1. Adding specific words to your system's spell check dictionary so that it does not trigger the "Did you mean" recommendation
    2. DIsabling the "Did you mean" recommendation functionality


    Adding a specific word to the spell check dictionary


    If you want to prevent Jive from providing a "Did you mean" recommendation for a specific word, you will need to add it to your Jive spell check dictionary.


    This is managed in Admin Console: System > Settings > Spell Check


    Disabling the "Did you mean" recommendations


    To completely turn off the "Did you mean" recommendations for search results, you can set the following system property:

  = 0


    Note, Jive Cloud community managers will need to file a support case requesting that this system property is set.


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