Version 10

    With the Winter 2015 Jive Cloud Release (8c5), you can place tiles in the Your View page, on News pages, or have a tile show up when viewing your community using a mobile device. In order to do this, you'll just need to add a "pageTypes" JSON array in definition.json inside your tile definition. It can contain any number of the following types:


    Page TypeDescription
    PLACEAllow this tile in a place [DEFAULT VALUE IF NONE SPECIFIED]
    USERAllow this tile in Your View
    ACTIVITYAllow this tile in an Activity page
    NEWSAllow this tile on a news page
    MOBILEDisplay this tile when viewing from a mobile device


    For example:


    "pageTypes" : ["PLACE"]Only allow this tile in a place (e.g. a group or project) [DEFAULT IF NONE SPECIFIED]
    "pageTypes" : ["USER"]Only allow this tile in the Your View page
    "pageTypes" : ["ACTIVITY"]Only allow this tile in the place's Activity page
    "pageTypes" : ["PLACE", "MOBILE"]Allow this tile in places and on mobile devices
    "pageTypes" : ["PLACE", "USER", "NEWS", "MOBILE"]Allow this tile everywhere that a tile can be placed


    Once you've updated your tiles and reuploaded the add-on package, they'll be available from the specified areas.


    For more information about tiles, refer to Tiles and Tile Styles.