Make Tiles Available to Different Page Types (PageTypes property)

Version 10

    With the Winter 2015 Jive Cloud Release (8c5), you can place tiles in the Your View page, on News pages, or have a tile show up when viewing your community using a mobile device. In order to do this, you'll just need to add a "pageTypes" JSON array in definition.json inside your tile definition. It can contain any number of the following types:


    Page TypeDescription
    PLACEAllow this tile in a place [DEFAULT VALUE IF NONE SPECIFIED]
    USERAllow this tile in Your View
    ACTIVITYAllow this tile in an Activity page
    NEWSAllow this tile on a news page
    MOBILEDisplay this tile when viewing from a mobile device


    For example:


    "pageTypes" : ["PLACE"]Only allow this tile in a place (e.g. a group or project) [DEFAULT IF NONE SPECIFIED]
    "pageTypes" : ["USER"]Only allow this tile in the Your View page
    "pageTypes" : ["ACTIVITY"]Only allow this tile in the place's Activity page
    "pageTypes" : ["PLACE", "MOBILE"]Allow this tile in places and on mobile devices
    "pageTypes" : ["PLACE", "USER", "NEWS", "MOBILE"]Allow this tile everywhere that a tile can be placed


    Once you've updated your tiles and reuploaded the add-on package, they'll be available from the specified areas.


    For more information about tiles, refer to Tiles and Tile Styles.