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    In the comments under this blog post: How to Care and Feed Your Community, Mike Robinson asked me about how we identify inactive groups to prune.  It's a challenge so in addition to trying to do it as community managers, we are also encouraging employees to clean up after themselves.  I recently posted some tips on our Lexmark Jive instance to help employees find old content and unused places, so I thought I would repost them here as a response to Mike and for others.  Note: We call our instance "Innovate" and there are some links to other docs we have created (mostly based off Jive documentation), but I'm sure you'll get the idea.



    Tips for Cleaning Up Innovate


    There are two activities everyone can do to help keep Innovate clean: clear out your old irrelevant content and (if you are an admin) delete groups, spaces, and projects that you no longer need.


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    Deleting Old Content


    On the assumption that the older the content the more likely it is to be a candidate for deletion, there is a simple way for you to see all the content you've created, across every place in Innovate:


    1. Click on your name at the top of Innovate, then click on your picture (you do have a photo, right? ) to open your profile.
    2. Click on the Content tab (make sure it is the Content tab under your name in the profile and not "Content" under the Innovate logo.
    3. Make sure you are viewing Authored content as indicated in the left column.
    4. Sort your content, either by choosing "Sort by latest activity: oldest first" or "Sort by date created: oldest first."  These will both bring the oldest content to the top for you to review. I prefer sorting by activity because you might have old content that is still active in terms of comments or discussion responses; sorting by activity will make sure you are viewing content that has been dormant for a long time.


    Steps 2, 3 and 4 are shown below. You can also use the buttons above the sort box to filter on only documents, discussions, etc.




    When you have identified a piece of content you want to delete, open it and click the Delete button in the Actions box in the right column. Unfortunately Innovate does not have ability to delete files in bulk (unless they are deleted as part of the deletion of a space, group, or project).




    Deleting Unwanted Groups


    Finding old groups you own is easy. Maybe you created a group as a test or playground, or maybe you created one with good intentions but it just never took off. To find the groups you own:


    1. Go to your profile (as described above), but this time, click on the Places tab.
    2. Click on Owned Groups in the left column to display the groups you have admin rights to.
    3. Choose "Sort by activity: oldest first" to see the groups that have been inactive the longest




    You can then delete the group by opening it, clicking on Manage and then Delete:




    Deleting Unwanted Spaces


    To find spaces you own, follow the instructions in Innovate:  Arranging Spaces (Creating, Moving and Deleting) to view the Space Summary. The spaces you have admin rights to will be in bold, and all the others will be grayed out. Follow the instructions in this same document to delete any spaces you no longer need.





    Deleting Unwanted Projects


    Unfortunately there is no easy way to find projects you own. Your best bet is to look at the projects you follow and see if you recognize any as projects you own. To do this:


    1. Go to your profile and click on Places.
    2. Click on Following in the left column.
    3. Filter on Projects.
    4. Sort by "Sort by latest activity: oldest first."




    Once you identify an obsolete project, you can delete it by clicking Manage and then Delete:




    Archiving Projects

    If you want to keep a project for historical purposes rather than deleting it, you can archive it.  Archiving locks the project so that no more content can be added and removes it from view to minimize clutter.  People who look at the list of projects in your group or space will see only the active projects unless they specifically check the box to include archived projects in the list.


    To see how to archive a project, check out Innovate:  How can I archive a project?

    If you archive a project and then decide that you need to restore it, follow the instructions in Innovate:  How can I restore an archived project?