Version 6

    What is an RCA?


    An RCA, also known as a Root Cause Analysis, is an optional follow up to a Sev 1 issue that a customer can request after the issue has been resolved in order to better understand what caused the issue to happen and what can be done to prevent the problem from happening again in the future.


    RCAs may only be requested for Sev 1 issues relating to site outages, major loss in performance, or major functionality loss in a production instance.


    Requesting an RCA will start a separate investigation where Jive's support and engineering teams will work to deliver a summary of the issue, the end user impact, the resolution of the problem, the root cause, and a remediation plan to ensure that there is a complete and permanent solution in place.


    RCAs will not be filed for UAT or non-production instances of Jive.


    What can I expect in my RCA?


    To start the RCA process simply post a reply in the Sev 1 case requesting an RCA - A support agent will then start the RCA process.


    When an RCA is requested a new support case is created automatically in your secret support group. The title will be "RCA for Issue <original case title>".  You can find this case by going to the original issue and finding the yellow box at the top that says "RCA for this case available here":




    Once is the RCA is requested our engineering and support teams will work together to perform the RCA. Once the RCA investigation has been completed the support team will communicate this information back to you in this new support case. See the example RCA below:


    Incident Start Time

    2014-11-13 1:30 PM PST
    Incident End Time2014-11-13 1:50 PM PST
    DurationApproximately 20 minutes
    Summary of IncidentActivity engine was unable to service requests
    User ImpactUsers would have been unable to view their inbox or activity streams
    ResolutionActivity engine was restarted
    Description of root causeThe activity service was unable to allocate memory in order to map a stream into memory.
    Remediation planBased on the site's current template size, the activity server's configuration will be adjusted to increase the maximum number of areas that the application can map stream file onto.


    All RCA investigations are worked in the order that they are requested.