Version 2

    Phonami is a cloud-based unified telecommunications company that provides PBX phone services (similar to VOIP) and also automatically adds users' call data (including the recording) from any device (regular phone, softphone, smartphone, tablet, etc.) into a customer relationship management system (CRM), such as Salesforce, by using either Phonami Cloud PBX or your existing phone system.


    Community Facts

    • JiveX Cloud
    • Launched January 1st 2015
    • Currently by invitation only for customers and partners; public launch date TBD
    • No customizations besides the advanced theming tool
    • Used as a customer onboarding tool, a knowledge base and FAQs, support channel, and to share product news and obtain product feedback from customers
    • Our home page is meant to provide very simple navigation to the key tasks that they are coming to perform (i.e. search for answers, ask questions, report issues, etc.)
    • We used a standard tagging and naming convention to make it easier for our customers to find what they are looking for and ultimately reduce calls to our help desk or repeat questions popping up
    • As the community groups, our goal is for customers to help eachother
    • We also use secret groups and permission-based spaces for our internal collaboration and employee needs, such as our HR manual, SOPs, sales, marketing, and communications planning, team news, etc.