Version 8

    Where do I find the Jive Database Schemas?


    The Database Schemas for Jive are published in the Jive documentation and available to all customers.


    Jive 9 Database Schemas


    Jive 8 Database Schemas


    Jive 7 Database Schemas


    Jive 6 Database Schemas


    I need help building a custom SQL query. What tables do what?


    If you need guidance on building a custom SQL query, Jive advises you review materials the Jive Developers space and create a new discussion to get help from the developer community. You can also start a new paid engagement with Jive's Jive Professional Services team, who can work with you to create a database query or report that you're looking for. Create a new support case to start a new engagement if you're interested in exploring this.


    Can Jive Support help me with my custom database query or custom report?


    Jive Support does not provide guidance on how to manually query the database to retrieve or export data from the database.  This includes accessing documents, reports, or running custom queries.



    How do I run a custom query on my database?


    Jive Support will not run custom queries against your database, nor does Jive Hosting provide direct access to your hosted databases. If you wish to access your complete database or want to run queries, you will need to use Jive Cloud Admin to download a backup of your database, which you can load in a local test environment and query locally.  See the following documents for how to do this:


    How do I access my Jive Database as a Hosted Customer?

    How To: Working With Database Dumps



    • Applies to Jive 6, 7