Version 2

    I feel terrible that I can't remember who gave me the idea (and the template), but based on a discussion in the Jive Community late last year, we started a new weekly news post.

    • Update: HUGE thanks to Kim Nelson! The screenshot is currently posted in the Jive Champions group. I'll leave it to her to decide it if is OK to share the HTML more widely. Thanks also to Julie Cardinali Brancik for finding the discussion post for me. 


    The Challenge

    We hear constantly that people can't figure out what is going on, or that they feel like they miss important information. They don't know what they don't know, can't figure out what to follow, etc. We have a very geographically spread out workforce, so it can be hard to know what's what.


    As the team supporting the Jive platform, we also wanted a way to highlight the great ways that people are collaborating, communication and connecting. There are many successes, but they are easily buried. And regardless of the platform you give people, we all tend to get stuck in our ruts (or silos) and miss seeing what else is there.


    The Solution

    There was a discussion going on in the Jive Community (that I will happily link to if only someone can help me find it) about what people were doing to help their communities. Someone mentioned an HTML newsletter they had started, and offered to share their template. What a win! I know HTML, but am not great at designing. This allowed me to take an existing format, tweak it to suit our needs, and hit the ground running quickly. A win for me, and proof of the power of community!


    What I do is to take the template and use it to create a blog post once a week. I spend about 2-3 hours manually reviewing the content that was created over the previous 7 days, and highlight key items. Criteria are loose, but an attempt is made to include news from all over the globe. Posts that contain graphics are given higher marks as that gives me something extra to include in the newsletter (and hopefully helps drive people to focus more on creating interesting content). I provide attribution, using @mentions so that it let's people know they were spotlighted and draws them into the post. And we spotlight the blog post on our main overview page.




    The Outcome

    I haven't been doing it long enough that we've driven much behavior change yet. And especially since we started at Thanksgiving, much of the time has been during the holidays where overall traffic tends to be down. But many people have expressed gratitude for the newsletter, and people are excited to get their content highlighted. And we've now got someone else who is creating their own curated news - as a video blog!! So we are now cross-marketing and hoping to push each other's content more into the spotlight.



    HOLY CRAP this is awesome.

    I can only agree! It looks really good, very clean (= not overloaded) and all the content seems to be interesting for a large number of people.

    Great to see my post about the printing reduction in the Weekly newsletter. Thank you.