Version 2

    "fuse" is our internal Jive instance and has transformed the way work gets done within the Geospatial division at Schneider Electric; we've been "live" for just over two years. Our tag line is "connect, share, ignite".  Our fuse instance is organized around our functional teams (shown under "Our Places).  Below is a screen capture of our fuse overview page:


    The Geospatial division has its own internal Client Services Implementation team that makes the software we develop work for external customers. We are excited to be rolling out our new Client Services Library subspace within the next four weeks.This repository organizes all documentation and guides essential for consistent project execution. The space is organized around different phases of our implementation methodology, and navigation to each of the team spaces involved in our implementations is possible from the Library. Each subject in the library houses a wealth if implementation information and features a feedback mechanism essential to the team's goal of continuous improvement. 



    Team members will be encouraged to use these documents for project execution and provide feedback aimed at improving the quality and usability of our library's content. This new space supports our overarching goal of keeping the customer at the center of everything we do.  Consistent execution of projects is an essential element of project quality. Quality is key to customer satisfaction.

    The team responsible for building this library have remarked that such an endeavor, so critical to our success, would be impossible without our Jive instance. One of the architects exclaimed, "We see Jive as a great platform for collaborating and are excited about bringing together the library, feedback mechanisms, historical project information, and our internal knowledge base to create a superior Services organization!"

    Thanks for reading about our internal instance! Happy #CMAD everyone!