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    FALive has officially become First American, a financial services company's intranet. The FALive community is all about connecting our people with the resources (people, tools and information) they need to expertly perform their jobs. At 26 months old, our community's growing up!



    Our scrolling News Feed promotes Goal Settings and Performance Review deadlines. "Office Hours with Chris" is our monthly live chat session with COO - going on it's 3rd year.

    On Jan. 22nd, his co-host was our CEO and the featured topic was "The Impact of Our Company Values."


    Celebrating 125 Years at First American in 2014

    To celebrate a whopping 125 years, we held:

    1. Caring for Our Community Contest - the top 3 employees who volunteered the most hours in a period of time, our CEO matched donations to their charity of choice (see data entry capability in left sidebar)
    2. 6 videos from the son of our founder talking about our history and values
    3. 4 videos from executives talking about our company values and what it means to them
    4. Daily Trivia blog that ran for 3 months
    5. Toolkit for field offices to celebrate and post in FALive
    6. Home office party celebration

    125th anniv.jpg


    SharePoint and Jive

    One of our key champions is a Jive and SharePoint guru. He has developed an awesome space that integrates smoothly with SharePoint to provide better access for state managers to get information about what the IT-dedicated teams are doing for them. It displays tasks, phone calls and other important items for 21 calls per month, each an hour long.



    From an ongoing discussion since our launch, "What's Your Elevator Pitch?" Part of a Community Manager badge is to write a 30-second response to your personal value/business benefit in FALive if asked by an exec in the elevator. (Thanks for the tip, John Cloyd!)



    From an Executive Vice President who started a blog last year. This was her first blog post --



    Other not-so-bad stuff to check out:

    One Connected First American Infographic

    FALive Year 1 Overview Video (sorry published so late, since we are past our 2-year mark!)