Version 2

    Aetna Connect is our internal Jive instance.  We are in Jive's cloud and launched in April, 2014.  To date we have over 48,000 of our 50,000 employees registered, and about 50% are active.  We updated our design a bit about three months after launch.  We ended up moving our activity stream off of the home page to make room for updated, timely content.


    Our help & support area is up on the top right, and below it are five call-to-action boxes.  Our spotlight carousel gets updated frequently with new, trending, timely content. The featured places below is also updated regularly. We like to encourage others to not only visit these places but also see how they are setup, giving them ideas for their own groups.  All of the bright colors are a part of the Aetna brand.


    Our CEO and VP of Operations & Technology blog with some regularity, so we feature those.  I borrowed the How I Work Interview Series from the JC, and it's quite popular!


    Our intranet is still separate but we have a great relationship with Internal Communications, and we have a goal to mesh the two by year end.



    AC Overview.PNG