Version 2

    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-17213S2Polls claim to have 0 views in email digests no matter how many views there actually are
    Activity,Activity: Private MessagesJIVE-48149S2"Message Governor" Interceptor is preventing private messages from being sent
    Activity,Activity: OnboardingJIVE-48426S2Get Started guides do not support phrase substitution for all languages without customizing
    Activity,Activity: WidgetsJIVE-48604S2Popular content widget shows no content when you use the filter and recommender is enabled
    Activity,Activity: GamificationJIVE-49981S2The Jive API does not pass the locale parameter to Gamification when language preference is set via browser
    Activity,Activity: Status LevelsJIVE-50541S2Status points for Ideas are not deducted when Ideas are deleted
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-50937S2jivewebhooksystemuser getting email notifications
    Activity,Activity: GamificationJIVE-51300S1Joining a social group is not factored into the Gamification module properly
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-52169S2Users configured to receive daily digest emails will sometimes get duplicates
    Analytics,Analytics: Impact StatsJIVE-50892S2Full name visible in impact metrics despite being private
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-51746S2"Reports" tab for Places not showing background image shown on other tabs
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-52928S2Setting Theme Width results in CMR Reports not displaying correctly
    AppsJIVE-49467S2Mobile add-on's settings page says network connectivity is required when it isn't
    AppsJIVE-50062S1In new (not existing) Jive communities, Jive allows you to install duplicate apps and/or add-ons
    ArchitectureJIVE-49916S1HttpClient 4.x used in jive does not use proxy settings
    Architecture,Architecture: PerformanceJIVE-51637S2Thumbnailing many images concurrently can cause out of memory crash
    Architecture: JavaScript,PeopleJIVE-52850S1Akamai prefetches resources that are still being written
    Architecture: JavaScript,People,Content EditorJIVE-49423S2Users are experiencing a delay when typing
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-42124S2Invited users are not notified when an Event is edited
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-47433S2Terms and Conditions doesn't redirect to originally requested page
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-48945S2If the global locale is set to English US, but a user's locale is set to English India, when the user creates an Event, the date picker produces invalid formats and causes errors
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-49170S2First and Last Name show as NULL in Event ICS file when Firstname and Lastname are Missing
    ContentJIVE-49250S2Paginated results from /Contents v3 are slow with a high startIndex
    Content,Content: Social Media SharingJIVE-51045S2Not able to share content item with a space
    ContentJIVE-51359S1Filter by Personal Content fails
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-51765S1Full Access Users unable to save SAML settings
    Content,Content: AntivirusJIVE-52188S1After a restart, the antivirus feature stops working
    ContentJIVE-52348S2With BunchBall Gamification enabled, the wrong status points are checked for moderation
    ContentJIVE-52603S1At-mentioning certain space names fail with a plain-text strikethrough where the hyperlinked space name should be
    Content,Content: AntivirusJIVE-52822S1When you try to click the "Download" link for an Uploaded File or Attachment, it says "Waiting for virus scan", but the antivirus feature never completes the scan
    Content,Content: AnnouncementsJIVE-44885S2Announcement formatting not persisted correctly
    Content,Content: AnnouncementsJIVE-45704S2An error occurs when you create an announcement and your community uses an Oracle database
    Content,Content: AnnouncementsJIVE-51766S1Save button on Announcement unresponsive when language set to Japanese
    Content,Content: Blogs / Blog Posts,Places: SpacesJIVE-49237S2Changing a space's name does not change the space's blog name
    Content,Content: BrowsingJIVE-26679S2Archived poll filter not returning results
    Content,Content: BrowsingJIVE-53392S1Error when sharing an Exchange Distribution List stream integration with a place
    Content,Content: DiscussionsJIVE-36829S2If you create a document with the same name as a discussion, and then try to change the document to a discussion, a red bar failure occurs instead of a proper error message
    Content,Content: DocumentsJIVE-51940S1When uploading a binary file with binstore fs impl, a false positive can occur
    Content,Content: IdeationJIVE-51750S2Ideas - Removing and adding custom drop down fields for an idea will prevent selection of the new field
    Content,Content: TasksJIVE-50396S2Unable to delete task from project calendar
    Content,Content: VideoJIVE-52476S2Video uploader flash component incorrectly states that embed codes are supported
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-31074S2Tagged Event Widget And Event View Widget can not display ampersands and other special characters in Event titles correctly
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-48502S2When adding a subspace filter to the Spaces widget, type-ahead search returns no results
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-49268S2Moved content remains in Recent Content widget until cache is cleared
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-49621S2Hyperlinks with Accented Characters Become HTML Encoded in Formatted Text Widget
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-50931S1"This file exceeds the maximum allowed size of 2048kb" when trying to upload an image to the Slideshow carousel that is much less than 2048KB
    Content Editor,Content Editor: ImagesJIVE-50373S2High latency causes faulty image preview placement
    Content Editor,Content Editor: ImagesJIVE-52737S2When a very small gif is inserted into the Content Editor via the insert image icon, the user is presented with the error 'image type is forbidden' after pressing the Insert Image button
    i18n,i18n: Translation ProcessJIVE-51972S2German translation for "leader" is incorrect in Leaderboard widget
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-47098S2In Core API V3, not all timezones can be set for a user
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-48164S2Add-on tile on a place's activity page will not be removed when you uninstall it
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-49421S1Add-ons fail to install apps for federated users
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-49614S2/api/core/v3/activities endpoint does not return relevant information in the content field for some activities
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-50467S2Parent content in Search results is not using profanity filter
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-50538S1There is no way to obtain a list of places for user other than the authenticated user
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-51477S1PersonService does not allow blank profile values
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-52420S2REST API not filtering by content type in Places call
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-52487S2jive.user.usernameIsEmail doesn't respect in the Person Service
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-53407S1API returning Draft, not published content in/api/core/v3/contents/XXXXX?fields=content,-resources call.
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-53690S2Cannot use X-Jive-Run-As with published/updated URL parameters when posting Comments via the REST API
    Mobile,Mobile: PluginJIVE-52642S2Android app does not enforce login authentication when guest access is enabled
    People,People: InvitationsJIVE-32370S2In a trial to full version of Jive Cloud, when inviting external contributors, a confusing and incorrect message is displayed
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-41826S2Setting personal locale to use D/M/Y date format causes incorrect dates in profile
    People,People: RSSJIVE-48760S2RSS feed of a user's content returns my content, not theirs
    People,People: EmailJIVE-48849S1Digest email performance problem with large userIDs
    People,People: EmailJIVE-49417S2Email template changes are not retained if when editing the template, the language changes from "en" locale and "en_gb" locale
    People,People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-49483S2Change Password Link does not appear when a federated user becomes unfederated
    People,People: EmailJIVE-50258S2Moderated post with at-mention doesn't send an email notification when user has notifications enabled
    People,People: RegistrationJIVE-50362S2Single-select option profile values with trailing spaces can prevent user registrations
    People,People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-50844S2User gets unauthorized message on first login after they are member of an ldap synced perm group allowing access to content
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-52295S2Dates not displayed correctly when system locale set to non-US
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-53497S2LastLoggedIn profile value not displayed correctly if being viewed by user in DD/MM/YYYY format locale
    People,People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-53652S1Random redirection loop on loginProcessing at login time
    PlacesJIVE-45034S2Duplicate Categories templates appear in admin console after 7.0 or 8.0 upgrades (major or minor)
    PlacesJIVE-47249S2Document Viewer tile "Suppress Title" option suppresses the title of the tile
    Places,Places: SpacesJIVE-47556S2Error when viewing spaces that are subspaces of a space named "apps"
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-47558S2Unable to delete social group if blogs are disabled
    Places,Places: Purposeful PlacesJIVE-48074S2Custom banner preset shows up blank in the preview drop down
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-48318S2Clicking save on "Helpful Links" tile in IE9 throws red bar error
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-49245S2Pages show System Error to unauthorized anonymous users
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-49343S2Personal Note will not be included on group invite when ampersand is used
    Places,Places: WidgetsJIVE-50007S2Load more does not work on Space Tree Widget with more than 20 sub-spaces
    i18n,Places,Places: BrowsingJIVE-50618S2Phrase substitution set in the admin console for Spaces is reflected when you first browse to Places, but reverts back to Spaces when you filter by clicking Following, Projects, All, and Sort by
    Places,Places: SpacesJIVE-52564S2Background image in place header not removed upon saving
    Places,Places: Purposeful PlacesJIVE-53039S2Image Gallery tile is misaligned in wide view
    PlacesJIVE-53104S2Limit of 50 characters in tag entry field
    Search,Search: Spotlight SearchJIVE-44449S2Spotlight search doesn't work if page isn't fully loaded
    Search,Search: UIJIVE-53901S2Searches with a Place Type filter should not return Pages in a place
    Search,Search: PeopleJIVE-52856S2Endorsing a user for a skill does not increase their relevancy score and can drop them to the bottom of results