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    In the Sneak Peek: Jive Winter 2015 Cloud Release, we touched on some new features will help keep your employees connected to the company news, people, and information they need in order to stay aligned and engaged.


    When your entire workforce is informed and involved, business results follow. The problem is that the rate of change within most organizations has skyrocketed, so alignment has become an everyday challenge. Legacy intranets and distribution lists were not designed to support this rate of change when targeted, bi-directional communication with employees, customers, and partners is a priority.


    This deep dive post is mostly focused on the Jive Internal use case, but the features below are also available in JiveX and enable you to better control the communication going out to your customers and partners in your public community.


    Jive is a superior platform for employee communications



    One of the most common difficulties companies face in realizing strategic alignment is turning their vision and strategic plans into a reality. Research indicates that only 14% of employees understand an organization's strategy and only 13% of the global workforce is engaged at work.


    Transforming an organization takes more than great strategy and implementation. It takes frequent reinforcing communications for employees to feel connected and engaged. Jive is the most trusted solution by internal communications (IC) professionals to ensure vital company information reaches a distributed workforce without barriers, while measuring the reach and impact of those messages to strengthen strategic alignment. In fact, Jive customers report that 61% of users feel more connected to colleagues, breaking down silos and enabling all employees to be informed and have a voice. We're excited to continue this trend with a set of features and enhancements in our Winter Cloud Release focused on improving employee communications.


    Winter 2015 Features and Enhancements



    Drive strategic alignment with beautiful and engaging two-way communications

    Jive Internal


    Jive External



    Company News refocuses your community around a News Page that is designed to deliver content tailored to each individual. Important company communications combine with custom streams that users can configure to create their tailored News View.


    The News View emphasizes new content across all of a user's streams. Each stream will be limited to 6 content items ordered by creation date. Each content item is read tracked and will be removed after 2 days if read or 7 days if unread. If there is no new content in a stream, that entire stream will be removed from the News View. Any content item that displays in a higher priority stream will automatically be removed from lower streams, so users will not see duplicate content across streams in their News View.


    Activity streams on the News View will appear in the following order:

    • News Streams are first and the priority order of each News Stream can be set by the News Administrator
    • Connections Stream
    • Custom Streams
    • Top & Trending
    • Most Recent Activity

    In the future, we plan to provide additional UI layouts for each stream in this News View so communities can further tailor the consumption experience based on volume and priority.


    The default navigation for new customers has been enhanced to provide a simpler user experience. Personal content and tools are accessible on the right hand side of the navigation while company content and navigation links are available on the left hand side. Upgrade clients will experience the new navigation once the News feature has been enabled. Inbox, Your View, Actions, and Getting Started are now grouped together under your Inbox count next to your avatar. News is a primary page in the navigation and contains all of a user's activity streams. If enabled, Home will continue to link to the Overview page. We've also added personal links to get back to your content and your places in the user dropdown menu.





    Reach mobile and remote employees to connect and engage your entire workforce



    We're releasing updated versions of our iOS and Android applications so users can access the News View any time, from any device. These app updates will be available with the Winter 2015 cloud release.


    Want to add the news view to other devices or applications? All of the complexity of rendering the News View is behind our public API, making it simple to embed the the same News View in any other web or mobile application.



    Target your messages to the right audiences with news streams



    With News Streams, communication professionals can trust that their targeted messages will effortlessly reach the right audience the first time around, with auto-subscription capabilities.


    Administrators can subscribe employees to places, blogs and groups, based on department, location or role, as well as specify if the user should receive an email notification when new content appears. News Streams sync to Active Directory groups or can be created based on profile field values, while impact metrics measure the reach and sentiment of your message.


    A new permission was created to allow a set of users to be able to manage the News View separate from the community management permission. These users will be entitled to create and update News Streams for any user in your community. They will also be able to edit the Tiles on the News View and modify user groups in the admin console.



    Creating a News Stream is simple. News Streams can be created for everyone in the community or for a specific set of people. The first step is to name your stream:



    Next, create one or more rules to specify who should see what. Users can be selected individually, or you can select user groups or profile field values that automatically update and can be synced with Active Directory.



    A single stream, can have multiple rules, showing different content to different people based on their location (or any other customizable attribute).



    The final step is to set the email toggle, indicating whether or not users will get an email notification when new content appears in the stream. This property is controlled by the person managing the News Stream rather than individual users.



    We currently limit the number of News Streams to 10. This does not affect the number of Custom Streams an end user can create for themselves, which is also capped at 10. You can have as many rules within a stream as necessary.


    Once the News Streams are configured, the News View can be enhanced with Tiles, such as Trending Content, Trending People, Helpful Links, or other engaging options to supplement the curated streaming content that News Streams provides.




    Understand your reach with engagement analytics specific to the subscribed audience



    Jive Impact Metrics was a huge leap forward for content authors to better understand the reach and impact of their individual messages. We're taking that a step further by tracking the subscribed audience separately from the global community. Now a department lead will not only be able to know that they reached 23% of the company, but more importantly that they reached 94% of their department.


    In the future, we plan to roll up these subscriber metrics so internal communication professionals can see the frequency and effectiveness of employee communications across teams, departments, locations, and more.



    Plan your own launch of company news by leveraging feature toggles



    Features Toggles are new with our Winter 2015 Cloud Release and are designed to give our cloud customers ample time to understand large changes and to plan their own roll out of certain features.


    For the Winter 2015 Cloud release, the News feature and accompanying navigation changes described above are all under one feature toggle.

    • All new instances will have the toggle ON.
    • All existing cloud instances will have the feature toggle OFF.
    • Existing cloud instances can enable News at any time via the admin console.
    • This feature toggle will be removed and all instances will have News enabled with the next cloud upgrade, if it's not already enabled before then. Because the News Page contains all Activity Streams, there is no permanent Jive Property to disable the News feature.
    • There are no other features in the 2015 Winter Cloud Release that requires a Feature Toggle. All other features will be available immediately after the upgrade.


    A special thanks to all our customers and partners who helped to influence and refine these features!