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    When seeking help for an issue with the Jive product you can either Create a New Public Support Discussion or Create a New Private Support Case.


    A public support discussion will be be created in Jive Training and Support Resources and will be public for the entire community to view and participate in.


    A private support case will be created in your organization's MyJive secret support group. These cases are only visible to members of your secret support group and Jive employees.


    Jive encourage customers to create new discussions in the Jive Training and Support Resources when they have issues for several reasons:

    • Your question will get visibility from both the Jive Support team and our customer community
    • Your issue may be something that another community member has already resolved
    • The resolution to your issue will be public and available for other community members to reference in the future


    A significant percentage of customer reported questions are not unique to the customer, and instead are repeat issues or questions that multiple customers have seen. Having more questions posted and answered in the public space means you will be able to find an answer to your question as soon as possible, either through finding an existing answer or through help from the support community.


    When should I create a new Public Support Discussion?

    A public support discussion is recommended in the following scenarios:

    • A question is about general Jive functionality and capabilities
    • A request for information around Jive product release schedules
    • Seeking general system how tos and best practices


    When should I create a new Secret Support Case?

    Creating a Secret support case is the recommended method for reaching directly out to the Jive Support team to receive one-on-one technical support.  See the list below of types of cases best handled in a secret support case:


    • Severity 1 issue where your site is down, unavailable, or major functionality is broken and needs immediate attention
    • An Issue that will require providing private information, server logs, or system data to the support agent for troubleshooting
    • Issue is happening in a customization provided by Jive Professional Services