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    You may find that as you use the Jive product there are specific translations available for languages that are confusing, incorrect, or could be improved.


    If you believe that there is an opportunity for Jive to improve the translations available in Jive or JiveX then please follow the steps below for how to submit a request for translation changes.


    You can find a complete list of Jive's currently supported languages in Jive's documentation - Jive in Translation.


    Please note, all translation suggestions submitted to Jive are reviewed by the translation teams for approval - There is no guarantee that your suggestions will be integrated into the product.



    How to Submit a Translation Suggestion to Jive

    It is important that your translation suggestion always includes a rationale behind the change. Jive will not be able to consider your request if you do not include a detailed explanation of why the translation change is being suggested or recommended.


    To file a translation suggestion please file a new support case in your organization's MyJive secret support group. When filing a request, describe the issue with as much detail as possible, including screenshots, or even screencasts (Jing does a good job at capturing these). Whenever possible, add steps to reproduce your issue.


    Please include the following pieces of information in English with your request in a new support case:


    1. A screenshot of the translation and the page it is on
      1. Notes: This is very important. Screenshot should be of  the whole UI to understand where in the application the problem is located).
    2. URL of the page where the translation is located.
      1. Notes: This is very important.
    3. The problematic text highlighted in some way
      1. Notes: This is mandatory. Jing is a great tool for capturing the screen and adding arrows, boxes and text.
    4. The problematic text typed out
      1. Notes: This is mandatory. This will help the Jive team in quickly finding the text when searching our translation files.
    5. The suggested change (if there is a suggestion).
      1. Notes: This is optional.
    6. Reasoning for translation suggestion
      1. Notes: Jive requires that all submissions include a detailed explanation of why the translation change is being requested or suggested


    Changing a Translation on your Jive Instance using Phrase Substitution Rules

    Beyond requesting changes to be incorporated into the Jive product, Hosted and On-Prem Jive customers have the ability today to change specific translations through the use of Phrase Substitution rules.


    You can learn more about how to use Phrase Substitution rules to change phrases for certain languages here:


    How to: Configure Phrase Substitutions

    Substituting Phrases in the UI