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    February 13th, 2015





    Jim D’Angelo

    Chris Breen

    Nikki Roberts - Akamai



    Kirsten Laaspere - (Community Manager)



    Fidelity Environment


    1. 75% to 80% adoption over a 45,000 user base, globally
    2. Launched June 2013
    3. No integration between their Helpdesk ticketing system & Jive
    4. Have community where users can engage Helpdesk for support
    5. Have MS Office plugin, so if you push email or other documents into Jive
    6. MS Office integration have been their “biggest win”
    7. They have one community manager
    8. Training provided for individuals to create groups without help from CM
    9. Suggest recruiting advocates (1 or more per business area)
    10. Strong executive backing => adoption
    11. Used as a crowd-sourcing tool
    12. Published best practices and help documentation for new site owners



    Notes on vendor


    1. Jive’s focus on Social made them unique in meeting the business need
    2. Focused attention on detail and what Fidelity was asking for
    3. Feeling of being a partner rather than a vendor
    4. Fidelity wanted to move faster than Jive at times
    5. First version of a release is not the best – wait for point release
    6. Account team very knowledgeable and knows how to interact with customers
    7. Vendor assisting with awareness and user help campaign
    8. On-line vendor help tools not very useful



    Rollout Challenges


    1. Getting executive buy-in was the most difficult
    2. Still some issues with adoption, but well received for the most part
    3. Initial rollout went well. Upgrade from v.6 to v.7 problematic due to communication challenges between Fidelity and Jive (lesson – be specific and document)



    Training & Adoption


    1. Large grassroots campaign
    2. Ongoing awareness program after the launch (Mascot, branding, etc.)
    3. Market the brand from the get go and keep on marketing
    4. Ensure you have roles assigned of who will own to ensure it remains current



    General Comments:


    1. Jive will not eliminate email, as Jive is not great at pushing new information – best send an email with a link to Jive, then publish updates in Jive.
    2. For broad company-wide notices (e.g. service notifications), use moderator function and limit number of moderators to ensure quality control.
    3. Easy to make things look design wise to be sharp beautiful at the same time



    What would they do differently


    1. Tailor more to individual use cases
    2. Have Jive on-sight for rollouts
    3. Have campaigns in place and ready prior to and upon rollout (no lag time)
    4. Consider other tools in use (e.g. IM, email, video, Google, Sharepoint, etc.) & have discussions with owners of those services WRT integration & displacement. Have these discussions as part of the design – NOT after deployment.



    Some use cases:



    1. Product & services sites - e.g. notice to upgrade to new version of IE
    2. Primary source for notice of service
    3. Internal Helpdesk - private community for Helpdesk team to collaborate and assist one another in fixing end-user issues (similar to the way Akamai HD and CCare use IM for the same purpose)
    4. Newsletter distribution
    5. Developer community (for internal Jive – spinning up widgets, advanced graphics, etc.)
    6. “Kudos Corner” for recognition
    7. Tweaks section – suggestions for improving services
    8. Self-service knowledge library