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    I'm Libby Taylor and I'm the Jive community manager.

    Community Help is my place to hang out and keep you updated. Consider it my virtual office. I am here to help you navigate around the site and answer any questions you might have about where to post or how to find things. Feel free to ask questions in this place if they pertain to the community itself.


    Feel free to ask a question in this space. Or if you would like to contact me via direct message, please follow me so that I can follow you back. Then we can send messages!

    Some typical questions:


    For community discussions or questions about the Jive products, check out: Internal Communities , External Communities, Jive Support or join Customer Hub (request access to Jive Customers here: Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today).


    NOTE: Please do not create "test" posts in this group. You can test the features of Jive by asking a real question to me here, or a question posted in any of the groups mentioned above. Any posts that contain only the words "test" and the like will be deleted.