Version 5


    Jive: Belinda, Ryan, Kelly Carlsted + partners group

    BAUG steering: Mahal Torres, Kim Nelson, John Summers , Madalina Papacica

    Today's Meeting objectives:

    • Identify tracks and format
    • Create Agenda
    • Plan how to engage with sponsors
    • Determine how to use Jive to prepare for the event and during the day of the event
    • Plan how to secure the event site
    • Early rsvp to figure out (Jive can help secure the venue) - Kelly
    • Event sponsorship pitch for partners
    • Attendance cost
    • 25 - 40k to include


    • Unconference: A 1 day all Jive participant driven event



    • No JiveWorld in the fall of 2015
    • Bay Area user group usually has more participation and interest in regular meetings, exchange of best practices and ideas on using Jive communities
    • Customers: meet like-minded people, network, exchange ideas and best practices, learn about new products and services from Jive/ partners
    • Approx 10 partners expressed interest in attending as well
    • Partners get the  list of participants, opportunity to promote their product and services and connect with prospects
    • Jive: opportunity to invite prospects
    • A larger event and more formally organized may attract participation from Oregon, South California, AZ




    • September - 2nd or 3rd week, on Wed or Thursday between 8 am - 8 pm



    • Venue requirements:
      • Rooms: - 1 large to host 200 people + 5 with space for up to 50 people each (could be smaller break-out rooms/ spaces)
      • some rooms with projector
      • reliable wifi access
      • catering available for breakfast, lunch, coffee thru the day
      • post conference hors d'oeuvres and drinks
    • Venue Rental Overview | Computer History Museum - Kelly Carlsted could you reach out to this?
    • Bay are companies with edu campus: cisco (Mahal & Nicole? to reach out), oracle (Madalina to reach out), yahoo (Kim to reach out)
    • One more suggestion that I got from my friends at Marketo: Presidio of San Francisco



    • Create a blog post explaining the format of the event and how we will collect speaker entries
      • Use the following general tracks: Internal Communities, External Communities, Technical/ Developer, Products/ Partners, General
      • Format: presentations (up to 45 min including Q&A section), lightning talks (5 - 10 min), roundtable topics
      • Select presenters prior to the event
        • Use Jive ideation in a special JC place
        • Invite users to submit ideas for what they want to present
        • Ask the community to Vote on best ideas
        • One-two weeks prior to the event close the voting and BAUG steering meets to select and schedule top submissions
        • Create calendar and post in community confirming speakers
      • Select presenters for some sessions during the event - save at least 6 time slots to fill on the day of the event
        • Less than a week prior to the event ask JC community members to create discussions for what they would like to present
        • Ask community members to like the discussions they are most interested in
        • On the day of the event tally the Likes and assign the open time slots to the topic with most likes
    • We may need approx - 24 speakers to fill some 6 rooms for up to 45 min time slots
    • Top sponsors  will be allowed to promote their product
      • Keynote: Jive + 1 or 2 sponsoring platinum level partners
      • 3 presentation sessions - 1 for each gold partner
      • Silver partners sponsoring lunch - up to 15 min presentation during the lunch
      • Sponsors will be provided a small booth
    • Logistics
      • Finances and contracts will be managed thru Jive for this event
      • Jive will act as treasurer
      • vendors can bring and hand out swag with their logo
    • BAUG Unconference Agenda - tentative agenda, waiting for everyone's input
    • Action Items - what do we need to do to make it happen
    • Useful links: