Version 6
    Post request for venue in Bay Area User GroupKimComplete2/19
    Draft high level BAUG Unconference AgendaBAUG Steering & KellyComplete2/18

    Secure location and confirm date: Hitachi Data Systems Executive Briefing Center - October 15th

    BAUG Steering & KellyComplete9/21

    Reach out to partners/potential sponsors and obtain commitment to attend (provide agenda, location, cost per level, and sign-up deadline)

    BAUG Steering & KellyIn Progress
    Send invitations to existing customers on the West CoastKellyPending
    Create dedicated unconf place in JC and invite all BAUG members, place should be open for public to join/ followKellyComplete9/26
    Post blog in unconf place in JC; outline rules and request for ideas and votingKimComplete9/27
    Set a twitter # for the eventJohn
    Confirm Jive speakers for KeynoteKelly-4weeks
    Create agenda based on ideas and votesBAUG steering-2weeks
    Order and prepare participant badges/ lanyardsKelly-1week
    Award JC points for speakers (and organizers?)Kelly+2weeks
    Signage for conference roomsMichelle-1day
    Send final attendee listKelly-1day
    Un-conferenceBAUG Steering10/15/15
    Lessons learnedBAUG Steering & Kelly+1week