Version 5




    Admin Essentials

    The Admin Essentials Add-On is a Cloud friendly/upgrade friendly PS offering that replaces the Ryan Rutan Admin Essentials plugin functionality.

    Admin Essentials FAQ

    Cloud, On Prem, Hosted


    Author Change

    The Author Change Add-On is a Cloud/upgrade friendly PS offering that allows an administrative user to change the author of a document.  This is useful if someone leaves a company and the customer would like some of their important or popular content to appear to be authored by another user instead of a deactivated one.

    Author Change Add-On FAQ

    Cloud or Jive 8+


    Auto-Follow Extension

    • Curate custom streams and follow users to places, people, and blogs based on profile field or group membership.
    • Can automatically join people to groups (including private and secret) based on rules.
    • Channel communications to the right stream for the right people

    Jive Auto-Follow Extension


    Auto-Follow Extension User Guide

    On Prem, Hosted (v6/v7).  No Cloud.

    Auto-Follow has been replaced as "News" in Cloud and Jive 8+.


    Curate Tool

    Bulk document management.  Mass select documents from any place in Jive to add/remove/replace tags and categories.  Mass move documents from place to place, or delete many at once.

    Curate Tool FAQ


    Curate Tool User Guide

    Cloud, On Prem, Hosted


    Delegate Access

    The Delegate Access Add-On and Ghost Blog Plugin are both solutions to allow for Jive users to post content as another Jive user.  This is useful for situations where a customer would like a communications team to collaborate and approve a blog post, discussion, or document before posting it as a specific user (like the CEO for example)

    Delegate Access (Ghost Blog) FAQ - Archived because of publishing issues

    Cloud, On Prem, Hosted



    Simplify the process of creating templated content within Jive.  Create custom templates to allow users to quickly fill out a form that will create documents, discussions and questions based on the user input.

    Forms Add-On User Guide

    Cloud, On Prem, Hosted