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    What Jive environments and versions are supported?

    Please see our Product Matrix.


    How do I install it?

    Download the add-on zip and installation guide here.


    Can I limit who can see SmarterPath?

    Yes, see How to set the visibility of SmarterPath.





    How does SmarterPath count a user?

    If the user is active in a course.


    Users don't need additional credentials?

    No, they use their Jive account credentials.


    Can you have a separate account from Jive in order to access SmarterPath?

    No, not currently.


    Are there limits on functionality for external users?

    External users have full access to all content within any group they have joined.


    Can you assign training to someone who hasn't launched SmarterPath yet?

    If they exist in Jive, you can select them. If they don't yet exist as a Jive user, first create the new user in the Admin Console > People tab > Create User. Select "External user" for User Type if it's a one-off training. It can be changed later if necessary. If you choose "Standard User," it is still possible to restrict access.


    Can SmarterPath be configured to match a Jive site's theme?

    Yes, you can match your site's colors for SmarterPath headers, links, buttons, and text.


    Can you theme out or replace "SmarterPath"?




    Managing Training


    Is there a preview mode to check work?

    By default, training is first published as a draft. You can assign it to yourself or another user and walk through it.


    Can you have multiple training in a single place, or is it 1:1?



    Can training go in spaces, rather than in groups?



    Can you reassign a training owner? How?

    Yes, admins can:

    1. Navigate to Management > Manage trainings,

    2. Click the training from the Name column, then click the Edit Training button, then the Select Owners button, and select the new owner(s),

    3. Click the Save button.


    If a question or is answered incorrectly (or certain limits met), can you point the learner to particular content?

    You would need to create a SCORM course to direct people based on results. It's possible but not directly embedded.


    How do you handle video upload?

    Either the Jive video module, or directly through SmarterPath, which will convert it to Apple streaming format.


    If you add video via URL (rather than upload) is it embedded, or does it open in a new window?

    Embedded, and that's true for other content types.



    Importing Training


    What SCORM version should I use?

    SCORM 1.2.


    Is TinCan supported?