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    Google Docs Integration Migration Steps for Jive Winter 2015 Cloud Release


    In 2014 Jive introduced a new Google Docs connector to Jive Cloud customers in the Fall 2014 Cloud Release.  Based on feedback from our customers, Jive has enhanced the Google Docs integration add-on found in the next version of Jive Cloud (Winter 2015 Cloud Release).


    Customers who have previously used the Google Docs integration in the Fall 2014 Cloud Release will need to follow the instructions outlined in this article in order to ensure that your Google Docs connected to your Jive instance continue to work and that you migrate your previous Google Docs in Jive to the newest version.


    Who is this for?


    This guide is only relevant to a subset of customers that have been using the Google Docs integration add-on made available in the Fall 2014 Cloud Release of Jive.


    If you have only started to use the Google Docs integration add-on in the Winter 2015 Cloud Release then you do not need to follow the instructions in this guide


    Why is this necessary?

    In the Fall 2014 Cloud Release the Google Docs integration was developed in a way that made use of Jive's tile technology.  The integration was managed by a tile that was automatically added to a group when that group was connected to Google Drive.  New Google documents were created in the group in the form of an external object (similar to a regular discussion).


    Fall 2014 Google Document in Jive



    In the 2015 Winter Cloud Release the Google Docs integration was re-designed to be more flexible and now the Google documents are added as new file objects instead of external objects.




    Winter 2015 Google Document in Jive





    How do I upgrade the Google Docs integration for my Jive Cloud site?


    Step 1: Upgrade Google Docs Add-On

    Validate that you are working with Jive Winter 2015 Cloud Release, and follow the below steps as a user with Full Admin access:

    1. Go to "Add-ons" page:


    2. Locate the  "googledocs" Add-on -> click the actions button -> "Uninstall".


    3. Switch to the available tab, locate the new Add-on named "Google Drive Files & Docs" -> "Install"


    4. Verify the Add-on installed properly by going back to the Add-on's page and you now have the "Google Drive Files & Docs" listed:



    By completing step 1, you have successfully upgraded your Google docs integration to the Winter 2015 Cloud Release version.


    Below are optional steps to migrate existing groups already connected and working with the Google docs in Fall 2014 Cloud Release.


    Step 2: Delete The Old Google Docs Tiles

    Since the new Winter 2015 Cloud Release Google docs integration don't require tiles definition, you can safely delete them.


    Head over the the group connected with the old Google docs integration, and you will see (only visible to admins) a warning sign, this indicates that the tile definition was deleted and not longer working.


    This is the expected behavior after the upgrade, to remove the warning sign you should do the following for each place:


    1. click Manage -> Settings


    2. Delete the Google Docs tile and Save.



    Step 3: Delete old external objects (optional):

    Old external objects created in Fall 2014 Cloud Release, will not be supported by the new Add-On.


    If you will try to click an old synced Google Doc, the following error will appear:


    We recommend to delete those old synced docs to prevent confusions between old and new content.

    In order to delete an external object, Go to the place -> "Content" tab -> "External" -> click on the relevant object -> "Delete":


    Note: deletion will only remove the document from Jive and will not delete it from Google Drive.

    Step 4: migration of existing documents:

    If you wish to re-sync all the documents that were synced to the group by the Fall 2014 Cloud Release Google Docs integration, you will need to perform one of the following actions on the Google Drive side in order to trigger a sync action:

    1. Renaming a specific file (and rename it back)

    2. Trash or Move files and then Restore and Move them back to the connected group


    These actions will trigger a change event that will cause the affected files to be re-synced into Jive.


    New Google Docs integration options available in Winter 2015 Cloud Release


    Once the new Google Docs integration is installed, a new configuration window will be available when configuring a Google Drive Storage instance through the Storage Management view as well as when connecting a place to the instance.


    When configuring an instance, after passing the authentication phase, this screen will appear:



    The "Sync Google Docs" check box will determine the default configuration when connecting a place using this storage instance.

    Instance+configuration (1).png


    When connecting a Jive place to this Google Docs storage provider, the following configuration will appear:


    Place+configuration (2).png


    Note that if the user disabled the check box on previous step, the default radio button value will be "Don't Sync Google Docs" but it can still be changed at a later date.


    Additionally, a new feature has been added where when a document in Google Drive is updated it will now show up in Jive instantly.



    • Documents that were synced by the integration from the Fall 2014 Cloud Release will not be accessible.
    • Groups that are already connected to a Google docs integration from the Fall 2014 Cloud Release will require a user action to trigger a re-sync for all the non accessible Google documents. (see instructions above below)