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    Q1 2015 Boston Jive User Group

    Special thanks to athenahealth, Daniel Marotta, Anna Stulb!!!


    Potential Future Topics:

    • Brand Advocates/Champions programs
    • Metrics/Measurement (round table - decide what matters most to all of us collectively, report back to Jive to work with them on prioritization and implementation)


    Penn Foster's Dan and Anna talk associate engagement with External community

    At first... marking focus - allow for customers to help market on our behalf (value, trust, peer reviews, etc.)

    Grew into... support base - single source of information

    Let the community needs shape your goals and focus

    2015: look back to 2014 to determine future approach - trust building, high school focus, self-service; roll back technical customizations; internal to external momentum


    Held workshops in the fall with employees (invited all 5-600 employees for an in-person session --> Outcome was an online Community Playbook

    • Playbook created in InDesign with live links, sent to associates as an interactive PDF
    • Works in parallel with deep dive 1:1s as needed


    Dedicated business intelligence team, Google analytics - use$ per customer interaction

    • Goal: decrease cost - has been working!
    • Track time to correct answer - quality, instructor responsiveness


    Space and Group creation: Intake Form


    Advocate program:

    • Separate section of the site - blog
    • Tasks/month - accountable (2 strikes, you're out)
    • Perks: first look, swag
    • Application essay, annual re-apply


    Penn Foster Community [e]Playbook

    Penn Foster Community Request Form

    Penn Foster Community Growth 2015