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    Hello all,


    I am trying to get access to a link by iframe.  But I get the error of as follow. Is Jive have limit to access to outside resources? It is an odd error. Please give me some advice. Thanks in advance.

    Code is here using a Macro:


      public void execute(Element element, RenderContext renderContext) {


      Element newElement = buildElement(element.getOwnerDocument(), getMapSrc(), getHeight(), getWidth());

      RendererUtil.flagAsExcluded(newElement, renderContext);

      JAXPUtils.replace(element, newElement);


      private Element buildElement(Document doc, String mapSrc, String height, String width) {


      Element span = doc.createElement("span");

      Element iframeEl = doc.createElement("iframe");

      iframeEl.setAttribute("src", mapSrc);


      return span;


      private String getMapSrc() {

      String strSrc="";

      return strSrc;


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