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    0Example subjectExample detail.OpenYourIDDay MonthH/M/L

    YourID Day Month: problem reported.

    Another ID Day Month: I confirm I've seen same thing.

    Yet Another ID Day Month: Case #123456 raised.

    Yet Another ID Day Month: Case JIVE-67890 raised.

    1News pageTop right on News shows @menu and avatar but no gamification points between them. This is not consistent with the Home page.OpenJDNS06 FebM

    JDNS 06 Feb: Case #364076 raised.

    JDNS 12 Feb: JIVE-54034 raised.

    2iOS app News UXNews shows a big grey blank area when there aren't any stories in the auto-subscribe News streams.OpenJDNS02 MarL

    JDNS 02 Mar: Case #366655 raised.

    JDNS 04 Mar: Case closed but left with Shantanu Rangnekar to fix poor design.

    3News and RSS ItemsRSS Items in News do not include the large RSS avatarOpenJDNS06 MarL

    JDNS 06 Mar: Case #367355 raised.

    JDNS 06 Mar: JIVE-2210 raised.
    4Duplicate entries in NewsWith a piece of content shared to two places and both those places included in a News subscription stream the shared content is shown twice. De-duplication would be useful.OpenJDNS09 MarL

    JDNS 09 Mar: Case #367535 raised.

    JDNS 12 Mar: Accepted by Ryan V, enhancement number needed.

    5New users created after 8c5 cannot set News as defaultNot sure it is just users created post 8c5 but new test users today cannot set News as their default view. They get the blue banner indicating success but they actually still have Top and Trending as their default. However older users, for example created pre 8c5 can set News as default view. [might be somethnig to do with if they haven't first set a personal home page under prefs and saved it, or stood down getting started. May be something to do with jive.homepage and jive.newspage]OpenJDNS12 MarM

    JDNS 12 Mar: Case #368144 raised.

    JDNS 20 Mar: With backline for investigation of why this is user-specific, works for some but no others.

    6Shared content doesn't appear in main News stream

    Create a blog or doc in place A which is not rolled up into to a News stream. Share that content into place B which is rolled up into a News stream.


    A user, who has access to both place A & B (and for clarity is not following place B or the author of the content), does not see the shared content in the main News stream. They do however see native content in place B in the main News stream.


    The user then views the News stream for place B and does see those shares.

    OpenJDNS12 MarM
    7Tiles disappear from News PageOn the News page, after the news content ages off the page.  The Top and Trending content is displayed but the tiles in the right column disappear.  We're trying to recreate some things on our old home page and the Tiles specified for right column can't just vanish and I think this a bug.Closed


    15 MarH


    Confirmed this bug is fixed by Jive (JIVE-54935)

    8Everyone News streams require Rebuild to become visibleNews streams are not consistently visible to everyone even when that is the selection made for the stream. (1) New user account sees no News streams until I go in the admin console to System-Settings-News and then select a single news stream and click the Rebuild button -- doing that makes that stream appear. (2) Two Everyone streams initially visible for an account are no longer visible.OpenTH16 MarH

    TH 16 Mar: Case #368484 raised.

    Update 18 Mar: Jive can't reproduce. Rebuilding the stream restores it, so case is closed pending a recurrence of the issue.

    DdF 3 June

    This happened today to our internal (cloud) community as well.  I have three curated NEWS streams set to everyone.  Was doing a new hire training and none of them were visible.  Tried viewing on several accounts.  Did a rebuild of all 3 and now are visible, but not sure what made them disappear.

    JDNS 4 June: See #19, changing from Everyone to Registered and back again might solve this? Hoping this is resolved in 2015.2 tonight for demo instances.

    DdF:  Happened again today (after changing from All Registered to Everyone, and then happened again when I changed it back, currently set to everyone and rebuilt - we'll see what happens)  (as an aside - is News visible to external contributors if you have a stream set to Everyone/All Registered?)

    KC 23 June - this has happened in our internal instance 2 months ago for a stream set for 'Everyone'. I tried the fix mentioned above but the streams disappeared again. Logged as case 372827 and now set to waiting for bug fix Jive-54847.

    9Theme issue on News pageWe set our theme to Auto width and no limit on width (so it goes 100% wide).  The News page ignores these settings in the theme and does not go that wide.OpenGM18 MarMGM: 18 Mar: Case #368785 -> CASE PRODUCT ISSUE: JIVE-55183
    10Unable to target news to User GroupBuilding out some documentation and realized that I could target a news feed to a person or people and a profile field but I was unable to target User groups.ClosedGL18 MarM

    GL: 18 Mar: Case #368795

    Didn't realize that you needed to make user groups "Visible" in the Admin console. So, chock this up to user error and shared here in case others make the same mistake.

    11Email notifications not sent for stream1. Create news stream for Everyone and set email options on. 2. Save & Publish. 3. Go to the space associated with the news stream and create a blog post. Publish. 4. Check email for another user account -- nothing appears.OpenTH18 MarH

    TH 18 Mar: Case # raised

    Bug filed: JIVE-55141

    DdF 22 May:  also seeing this on a stream we published where everyone should receive notification

    TH 27 May: Jive reports the bug is resolved in the next release, 2015.2, currently scheduled for late June/early July.

    12Unauthorized Message for External ContributorsExternal Contributors receive an Unauthorized message on every login after News is enabled if a custom Overview page was used. Deployment of News should be more seamless when configurations break External Contributors.OpenEJI05 MarEJI

    EJI: Case #36728 raised, workaround is to disable Overview page after News is enabled

    Bug filled: JIVE-54825

    13Pinned News defaults to Top & TrendingAttempts to pin the top level News stream, where the tiles are, will always show Top & TrendingOpenEJI05 MarEJI

    EJI: Case #367285 raised, no workaround known

    Bug filled: JIVE-54822

    JDNS 25 Mar: See row #5, works for some users but not others. Backline investigating.

    14The activity notifications (grey graph-like lines) that used to appear next to your custom activity streams have disappeared.My users are telling me how they use these a lot to keep track of how busy their streams are rather than having to click into each stream in turn to see if something is happening.OpenKC26 MarM

    GS: July 17 - This navigation does not exist on Jive cloud 2015.2.2 so it does not solve things for everyone. Good to see there is some resolution for some platforms, though.



    Solved! Response from Jive:


    By default the activity streams counts are disabled in Jive 8, however you can enabled them in the Admin Console > System > Settings > Activity Engine, from there you can enable Enable Stream counts:


    No case opened on this.

    GS: May18 - Have a number of users that need some indicator of new activity in a stream so they know to look at the stream. At present people have to look at News to see if there is anything newsworthy: Created to get support for this.

    15Limited to two custom view tiles in the right column.I would like to use more custom tiles to customize the page moreClosedGMResolved: Found an article in Jive community documenting a way to change the number of custom tiles allowed
    16User Titles with "&" do not render properly when adding users to a custom news streamThe "&" is presented as "&"OpenGS28 MarMGS: Case# raised, Bug filed: JIVE-55461
    17Inconsistent image handling in NewsWith a blog post that appears in pole position in News which has two images, different users see different image renders: - the first image in large format, - the first image in small format, - the second image in small format.OpenJDNS02 AprMJDNS 02 Apr: Case #370873 raised.
    18External Contributor doesn't see tilesEven when the Trending People and Trending Content tiles show data the external contributor is permitted to see.OpenJDNS23 AprL

    JDNS 23 Apr: Case #373279 raised.

    JDNS 25 Apr: Enhancement JIVE-56608 raised. Vote here:

    19Streams disappear from left hand NavTwo of my three streams have just vanished from the News left nav. However the edit screen still shows them. The streams that disappeared were All Registered Users.WOBFJDNS24 AprM

    JDNS 24 Apr: Case #373359 raised.

    JDNS 26 Apr: Workaround discovered, switch the stream from All registered users to Everyone and then back again. This restores visibility.

    GS: Can corroborate this issue (case# 370298). Just changing from Everyone to All Registered fixed the visibility.

    JDNS 11 May: Attached to JIVE-55231, there's a problem with the All Registered Users 'template' so you need to use Everyone (if you can and have no guests).

    20Deduplication of external RSS content in a defined News stream and in Connections stream has stoppedOpenJDNS24 AprMJDNS 24 Apr: Added to Case #373359.
    21External contributors cannot pin a default News viewOpenJDNS25 AprL

    JDNS 25 Apr: Case #373468 raised.

    JDNS 27 Apr: Created JIVE-56656.

    22You can't add External Contributors to a visible permission groupOpenJDNS01 MayMJDNS 01 May: Case #374149 raised.
    23Audience search doesn't return External ContributorsOpenJDNS01 MayMJDNS 01 May: Case #374149 raised (same case as #22)
    24Blog posts containing Videos don't have preview image in News streamI'd like to create a blog post containing a video and have it automatically include a preview in the stream.  Today, I need to include a separate image file to see an image in the stream.  Video's do create an image so it's available but not displayed.OpenGM05 MayMGM 05 May:  This is an enhancement request
    25Email generated from News Stream doesn't contain imagesWhen we subscribe someone to a NEWS stream - using it as intended for Corp Comm announcements, the email the user receives contains links instead of imagesOpenDdF26 MayMDdF 22 May:  I filed a case, but was told this was as Jive intended to drive people back to the community.
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    26Tagged content tile doesn't refreshTagged content tile used in the right hand column hasn't refreshed content since we activated it.OpenKC29 MayMNo case opened on this
    27News toggle was set to off in cloud upgradeAfter the upgrade our news page wasn't live and the toggle had been reset to OFFn/aDdF29 JuneLwent back to admin panel and re-enabled NEWS and rebuilt streams
    28News is missing from top navAfter re-enabling news, the page exists, but is no longer featured in Top NavOpenDdF29 JuneMDdF 29 June: Case #380897
    29New API returning wrong URL

    returns wrong URL for stream.html.ref.  It returns

    and it should be

    OpenGM17 JulyMCase: 383056 -> Jive Bug JIVE-59958
    30Ask a question tile does not workI added the "Ask a Question tile to the news page.  It provides a question box but no way to submit or enter the question.  Nothing happensOpenKN27 JulyLCase #384395
    31Expiration date for blog posts in feed uses creation date as a starting point rather than publish date.Blog posts can end up not ever showing in the news feed if it takes longer than a week for them to be published from the time they are created.  This may also be true of documents in draft mode.OpenDP7 AugH

    DP 7 Aug: Creating heartburn for our Corp Comm team.  Not sure if it's considered a bug or working as designed, so I created this idea:


    Also opened Case #385651 at suggestion of Curtis Gross

    32Custom view tile for guest mode is not displaying.I have "pageTypes" : [ "PLACE", "USER", "NEWS", "MOBILE" ] in definition.json for a custom view tile. I've added this tile to the news page and turned Guest access in Admin Console on. I'm not able to see this tile I only see a black default placeholder instead when access the page as guest(not logged in).KS: Fixed in our jive-x instance on Feb. 19 with a patch to 2016.1