Version 12

    WARNING: If you're using a mac, don't copy and paste commands into textedit, it will change characters and break the commands. I recommend installing and using TextMate for a simple text editor that you can work with console commands in.


    If you're cloud analytics data center is in Europe, use this script: jive-data-export-service-simple-query-eu



    You must be using mac or linux. This is a command line script that must be run from the terminal.

    jive-data-export-service-simple-query reads files client-id and client-secret files from working directory which contain your client id and client secret respectively.


    1: start date - iso-8601 formatted date (required)

    2: end date - iso-8601 formatted date (required)

    3: other params (optional)

    jive-data-export-service-simple-query will use the client-id and client-secret provided in the files to get a csv from des containing events between start date and end date matching any filters provided in other params

    step by step instructions to get csv for all actions taken by user dirk.mcneay in February :
    download file

    unzip into desired folder, then start a terminal and run the following taking into account your folder and client id and client secret:

    cd /folder/unzipped/to #use your folder

    chmod +x jive-data-export-service-simple-query #you may not need to run this if you're on a mac

    echo "myclientidthatigotfromjivecore1234.i" > client-id #change myclientidthatigotfromjivecore1234.i to your client-id

    echo "myclientsecrethatigotfromhivecore1234.s" >client-secret #change myclientsecrethatigotfromhivecore1234.s to your client-secret

    ./jive-data-export-service-simple-query 2015-02-01 2015-02-28T23:59:59.999 'filter=user(dirk.mcnealy)' > february-events-by-dirk.csv

    #the filter param sent to jive-data-export-service-simple-query is optional. If you just want all events from a time period, leave it out

    The csv file will be in the folder you are running the command in, in this example, /folder/unzipped/to