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    First thing's first. Let's learn the best way to use Jive-n.


    Pick the best use for your colleagues.

    What problems does Jive solve?


    "Do when I have time" vs "Replace broken ways to collaborate"

    Don't make the mistake of using Jive to just talk about work. Use Jive to get work done better, faster.

    • Take a moment and look at your meeting calendar.
    • Now, look at your email inbox.

    Chock full of meetings? Lots of email threads, some with attachments? Yep, you and your team are ready for Jive.


    Jive-n customers have used Jive mostly in three ways:

    • Social Intranet
    • Jive Employee Engagement
    • Jive Employee Support



    Which one is best to start with?

    Figure out which of the following scenarios will excite your team the most, and start with that.

    1. Increase Productivity, Reduce Operating Costs, Increase Intranet Use and Accelerate Adoption.
      Instead of emailing your document around, getting feedback from each person in a separate response, then trying to merge it all back into the document, post it once in Jive and invite everyone to edit it as needed. One version to rule them all.

    2. Drive strategic alignment, reach mobile and remote employees, target your messages and simplify onboarding.
      Instead of never knowing what people are doing, not knowing who's done something great for someone else, or even not feeling like you're part of something bigger, update your colleagues with a quick status update, or mention what a great job someone is doing. Go ahead. Make someone's day.

      Reduce support costs, drive faster resolution, hardness the latest knowledge and take action.
    3. Instead of frustrating the help desk with repeated requests to "help configure my vpn", allow your users to help themselves. Jive-n is all about Self Service!

    How do I explain this to my colleagues?

    Before you invite your colleagues, explain the collaboration problems Jive can help solve with an email. Need help? Copy an email template below, and edit to taste:

    Nice job! Check out what's in store next week...