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    Your colleagues are using Jive. Let's learn if it's made a difference.


    See if it's working.

    What should I look for?

    Look for the following success indicators:

    Work better.

    • Fewer direct emails, instant messages and phone calls between team members
    • Discussions in Jive about work
    • Anecdotes about finding information faster

    Have fewer meetings

    • Shorter or fewer scheduled team meetings
    • Discussions in Jive about work
    • Anecdotes about how reclaimed meeting time is used

    Collaborate on documents

    • Fewer email threads with attachments
    • Documents in Jive that others have edited, liked, downloaded, or commented on
    • Anecdotes about time saved using Jive to collaborate on documents

    Get connected

    • Status updates/microblogs in Jive about work, kudos, or life in general
    • Anecdotes about feeling more informed, and a greater sense of belonging

    How do I get this information?

    If you're short on time:

    Click "Start a feedback thread" in your Jive trial. It's on the right side of your Activity view, and looks like this:

    Start a feedback thread

    If you want more details:

    Do two things:

    1. Click the "Reports" tab in the group your team is using.

    Here's an example of what you'll see:


    You can drill down into User Adoption, Content, and Answered Questions by clicking the appropriate link on the left; and filter by user, date range, and more; and export the data for importing into Excel.


    2. Invite your team to give specific feedback.

    When it comes to learning if something new is working or not, numbers aren't ever enough. To give some life to the numbers you collected in Step 1, get feedback from your team.

    Pick questions to ask from this list, and edit to taste:

    Feedback Questions: Work better as a team

    Feedback Questions: Have fewer meetings

    Feedback Questions: Collaborate on documents

    Feedback Questions: Get connected

    What should I do if nobody responds?

    If bribery doesn't work, perhaps your team isn't ready for the scenario you selected. Try again with a different one. Or, maybe they're struggling with trust issues. If so, share these:

    Why is it so hard to get smart people to share?

    The Trust Spectrum

    You're halfway there! See what next week holds...