Version 7

    Hi #cmgr friends, we just upgraded BMC communities to Jive 7, and loving it.


    One of the Big changes is the social Group designs.

    While I love the simple and templated Tile approach, I miss some of the Old school widgets, 'Overview' offers.


    I need your help to try map how can we use Tiles to the same effect as some of the widgets we love.

    Below are widgets I could not find any Tile alternatives offered. Wondering how have you done without them/found interesting Tile alternatives?

    Please edit the below table directly to share your inputs.


    People: Recently JoinedSee who joined a Social group most recently?
    Content: Recent BlogpostsCurate the latest Blogposts (Social announcement)?
    Content: Top IdeasCurate the hottest ideas in the Social group/Place?
    Content: View DocumentCurate the same doc across places/Social groups (e.g. A banner)?
    Content: Un-answered QuestionsFor Cmgr to ActionCan Jive give you the Unanswered Questions tile on 7?
    Other: HTML widgetTo display streaming content, like a Twitter feed, Other social embeds, RSS feedsStreamOnce add-on then stream integration into the place.


    Here's the Jive7 Tile Reference.