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    Jive provides a social login feature in Jive-x where users are able to log in using their accounts from systems like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.


    Jive uses Google's OpenID 2.0 service for users logging in with their Google credentials. Starting April 20, 2015, Google will be shutting down their OpenID 2.0 service. Jive has an extension with Google through June 30, 2015, which allows Jive customers to continue to use the Google OpenID 2.0 service and allows users can continue to log into their communities using their Google credentials.


    Beyond June 30, the Google social login feature will no longer be available. If your community currently provides the ability for users to log in using their Google accounts, you will need to follow the steps in this guide to update your community configuration to accommodate this log in service no longer being available after June 30, 2015.


    Is my community impacted by this service going away?

    This change will only impact communities who have enabled the social login options (also known as External Logins). You can check to see if this is enabled by going to Admin Console: People > Settings > Single Sign-On > External Login




    If this option is enabled, users who log into the community will see a series of buttons they can click to sign into your community with:




    If you see Google as a log in option on your login page then you will need to take the steps outlined below.


    If you do not have a Google social login button then you will not need to take any action and your community will not be impacted by this change.


    How will our customers be impacted?

    After June 30, 2015, users will no longer be able to log in to your community with their Google credentials. Community managers will need to follow the steps outlined below to ensure that impacted users can continue to log into their accounts on your community.


    What are the next steps I need to take as a community manager?


    Step 1 - Update Jive settings to hide the Google login button on the login page

    Jive provides 5 social login authentication providers. When "External Logins" are enabled, 4 providers must be chosen to be displayed to users who are logging in.


    Due to Google shutting down their OpenID 2.0 service, we recommend that you remove Google from the list of available authentication providers. Note: If you are a Cloud customer you will need to file a new support case to have Jive update these settings for you.


    Fasthpath: Admin Console: People > Settings > Single Sign-On > External Login


    You can navigate to the External Login configuration page and drag Google to the end of the list so it is outside of the yellow box.




    Once you save the settings the login page will now no longer show Google as a possible login provider:




    Step 2 - Gather a list of affected users

    It is important that you understand the number of users in your community who have previously logged in using their Google accounts.


    Hosted and Cloud Customers


    For Hosted and Cloud customers, Jive will provide you a list of email addresses of affected user accounts that were created through the Google social login feature. Jive customers can then proactively reach out to these community members to let them know about the changes in functionality and how to continue to log into their community.


    This list of email addresses will be provided to all Hosted and Cloud customers automatically through a new support case.


    On-Premise Customers


    If you are running Jive on-premise, you can generate the list of impacted customers by running the following SQL query on your application database:


    SELECT email FROM jiveuser WHERE userid IN (SELECT userid from jiveExternalIdentity WHERE type = '2' AND identityvalue like '');


    Step 3 - Email users with instructions on new log in process

    Jive encourages our customers to proactively reach out to customers who have previously accessed your community by logging in using their Google credentials. Users who are impacted by this change will still have access to their account, but they will need to reset the password on their account on your community before they can log in. Jive has provided the following sample text you can include in your email message to your impacted customers:


    We are writing to let you know that we have recently made changes to the way that users log into <THE COMMUNITY NAME> using their Google accounts.


    The next time you wish to log into  <THE COMMUNITY NAME> you will need to set a new password for your account. You will no longer be able to log into <THE COMMUNITY NAME> using your Google credentials. You can reset your password now or click "I forgot my password" the next time you log in.



    Jive Software is evaluating our options around support for Google logins in a future release. If you have any questions please contact Jive Support.