Version 2

    One piece of feedback I've experienced myself and also heard from other users, is the frustration with how much empty space there is on every page within our instance of Jive-n, named Cloud City. In most cases, the extra white-space serves a purpose, but in some cases -- it promotes more scrolling.


    One of our developers provided a neat hack that solves this problem. Below is a demonstration using a space we use dedicated solely to sharing technical knowledge. It's a priority in this space to access content quickly.


    Take a look at this before and after photo:


    If you have a space or subspace that would benefit from this hack, you can implement it yourself by going to your Overview Page editor (Manage -> Overview).


    Add an HTML widget by selecting Other -> HTML.


    Now drag the widget to the bottom of your space.


    Once the HTML widget is in place, click on the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of the widget, and select "Edit this widget."


    In the "Your HTML" box, paste in the following text:


    <div class="jive-html-text-widget">

    <style type="text/css">

    .jive-widget {

        margin-bottom: 10px;



    #plex-header {

        display: none;



    #plex-header-wrapper {

        display: none;





    "Hide Header and Border" select "Yes."


    Click "Save Properties."  Publish your changes and you're good to go!


    If you're inclined, you can also make other tweaks to the HTML - we didn't spend too much time on it, since these changes were enough to salvage several content items' worth of white-space.



    I'd love to hear feedback on this, or if you make any other tweaks that help your spaces shine. Enjoy!


    Credit goes to Cameron Beatty @ Plex Systems.


    This tutorial was in response to this idea: 


    CC: Cloud Customers User Group

    CC: Jive External Communities