Version 5
    TaskAssigneeDiscussion/Document Link (if any)Status

    Goal: Publish approved launch theme

    Answer cursory theme design questionsTheming Tool Worksheet
    Create and apply draft themesTheme exports
    Provide feedback on draft themesTheming Tool Worksheet
    Create and apply theme for launch

    Goal: Design branded default user avatars

    Create avatar graphics
    Approve avatar graphics
    Configure avatar graphics

    Goal: Design Place specific graphics

    Identify key Places which need specific Place ImagesPlace Image Library
    Create graphics for Place Images
    Configure Place Images
    Identify key Places which need specific Place BannersPlace Banner Library
    Create preset Place Banners
    Create specific Place Banners
    Configure Place Banners

    Goal: Design homepage

    Answer questions regarding content and strategic goalsContent Design Worksheet: Homepage
    Provide mock ups for homepage content design
    Finalize design for homepage content
    Develop homepage content design
    Configure homepage
    Document homepage content design for maintenance guidance and back-up resources