Version 20

    Attached to this document is a tool that analyzes an add-on package (i.e. the zip file or directory) and reports on any potential problems it finds.



    • Most errors are reported along with the filename, line/column number, and quoted context relevant to that error.
    • Exit codes are suitable for scripting: 0 - No Problems, 1 - Problems found, 2 - Did not run
    • Verifies whether keys and values are supported by Jive and are appropriate to the minimum_version specified by the add-on.
    • Field checking is dependent on minimum_version (e.g. embedding files in /public/* is not permitted prior to Jive Version 8c4).

    • Resolves i18n keys to ensure they exist. Ensures defined i18n keys are resolvable in all supported locales. (--i18n)

    • Checks external URLs to ensure they return successfully, use valid certificates, and provide appropriate data. (--url)

    • Checks for extra files that cannot be used and only bloat the package size.



    • Java Version 7 or 8.



    Best Recommended Syntax for Partners Submitting to Add-On Registry

    java -jar add-on-validator.jar -ig <PACKAGE_FILENAME>


    You can run this jar from the command line using the following command:

    java -jar add-on-validator.jar <PACKAGE_FILENAME>


    If you would like to see the help output, simply use the -h argument:

    java -jar add-on-validator.jar -h


    The following help output is displayed:

        java -jar add-on-validator.jar [-iqu] [--i18n] [--quiet] [--url]
                                       [--ignore 10000,20000-29999]
                                       [--info | --warn | --error | --severe]
                                       [--timeout seconds] file1 [file2 ...]
        --error         Report on errors that are ERROR or higher
        -i  --i18n      Check i18n references for consistency
        --ignore        Ignore specific errors, by code
            10000       A single 5 digit error code to ignore
            20000-29999 A range of 5 digit error codes to ignore, inclusive
        --info          Report on errors that are INFO or higher (default)
        -q --quiet      Run quietly, no output
        --severe        Report on errors that are SEVERE or higher
        --timeout       Override the default timeout of 0.5s, use with -u
            seconds     The number of seconds when checking external URLs
         -u  --url      Check external URLs (can be slow)
        --version       Show the version of this tool
        --warn          Report on errors that are WARNING or higher
        file            The add-on package (zip) or a directory to test


    Example Outputs


    Sample Success Output

    Validation complete. No problems found.


    Sample Warning Output

    [WARNING:59907] Unsupported key in object: "jabCartridges"
      definition.json [15:5] : "jabCartridges": []
    [WARNING:33445] Incompatible file found, expecting JPEG_SCREENSHOT but found PNG : /data/screenshot_00.png
      meta.json [35:19] : ...": ["screenshot_00.png","screenshot_01.png","screenshot_02.png","screen...
    [WARNING:33445] Incompatible file found, expecting JPEG_SCREENSHOT but found PNG : /data/screenshot_03.png
      meta.json [35:85] : ...02.png","screenshot_03.png","screenshot_04.png"],
    [WARNING:59907] Unsupported key in object: "tags"
      meta.json [36:2] : "tags": [ "Example",
    [WARNING:90007] File /data/extension-24.png in package is superfluous
    [WARNING:90007] File /data/extension-32.png in package is superfluous
    [WARNING:10007] Directory extra/ is superfluous


    Sample Error Output

    [SEVERE:30004] Incomplete Jive package: definition.json not found




    April 18,2016


    • Support for comparing key fields against those currently in the global registry
    • All messages have a numeric code now, messages can be suppressed by code
    • We now provide an integration API so the validator can be integrated with other code.***
    • The validator now supports validation of cryptographically signed add-on packages
    • Code is more efficient. File size reduced from 2.5mb to 1.6mb