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    Not sure if other folks are doing the same, I thought I would post just in case you are not.


    We have many programs for various types of rewards and recognition.

    Your standard performance awards is a common type of thing across many companies.

    We also have a variety of campaigns for advocacy, community giving, etc.


    Fill out this form in XYZ system, sign up via paper, participate in race xyz.

    Basically, a lot of different teams that manage their own programs that are enterprise wide and can be easily justified to be gamified.


    The way that we have done manual gamification thus far is community owner driven. Meaning its a jive community member that doesn't have any access to the admin console of jive or the gamification console.


    It seemed a little weird which is why I thought I would mention it, its somewhat of an  idiot savant solution.


    I make a private group with a nice name and sometimes a project inside that group, the key is of course that it not an open group.


    Example 1)

    Example 2)


    Inside the group there is one document for each badge / mission type



    The mission that is setup in bunchball relies on the MentionEvent-Mentioned trigger and the Doc id meta filter.


    You put in the document ID for the one document you have for that badge.



    And the obvious conclusion is that ONLY the community owner has permission to edit that document in the private group.


    Subsequently, each @mention that occurs on that document rewards that user a badge.


    A key thing to remember is that the group name / document combo WILL appear in the notification stream for the badge. Which is why it needs a decent name.

    People can see it but they cant access it.


    The annoying bit is that if the wrong user is mentioned then an admin does have to go in and remove the badge manually.



    So this way you can have a non admin control the manual badges. You can also bulk mention a lot of people at once fairly easily and subsequently bulk assign badges.


    I did a quick scan and didnt see anyone else doing this so I thought i would bring it up.


    It looked like the mentionevent-mentioned was the only action that can be triggered by someone else with NO involvement from the target user.