Version 4

    Because Jive realizes that we are not the only game in town and that there are plenty of other products and vendors out there, we do our best to build an integration into each and every one of them. Good for Jive, tough for the Sales Engineer. Oh well. Anyway, the one we will discuss here is the Google integration. The many cool things you get from this integration are listed here:


    • Ability to store binary content loaded through Jive IN Google Drive. This makes it accessible via Drive. It also does not count toward the storage allotment you are given in Jive.
    • Ability to apply Jive's super awesome search (because Google Search isn't awesome enough )to content in Jive AND content in the connected Drive Folders.
    • Ability to create Google Docs, edit Google Docs, search for Google Docs and apply Jive's "social" capabilities all from Jive but also accessible in Google Drive.
    • Probably other stuff as well, I'm just drawing a blank.

    So lets get started:


    Configuring Google Drive/Docs:


    To use Google Drive external storage for Jive places, do the following: (unless you just want to test it out and then you can just use your standard gmail account).


    • Set up Google for Work. (unless you just want to test it out and then you can just use your standard gmail account).
    • Make sure you have a Google business account or a dedicated Google integration user, and give this user all Groups permission in Google Admin API privileges. This enables the ability to select Google groups and provide them access to the place's Google Drive folder when you're setting up the External Storage for a Jive place.
    • In Google, enable third-party Google Drive apps so that Jive can communicate with Google Drive.


    Prior to getting started, you need to make sure that you install the Add-On. To do so, login as a Community Manager and select Add-Ons (1) from the drop-down menu. Select Available (2) to see the Add-Ons that are available to install. Select Google Drive Files & Docs and click Install (3).




    Confirm the Install.



    Navigate to Storage Management Tab (4). Click Add Integration (5).

    Fill in the Display Information similar to below. Click Add.



    Configure the connection with the designated business user which needs to be defined in the Google business account. This account will own the Google Drive folder hierarchy and will delegate permissions to contextual users.


    Configuring Google Drive/Docs at the Place Level:


    Create a New Jive Place (Group/Space/Project). Name it, then select Preview.


    Now select the option for External File Storage "Change" (6). Then select Google Drive (7) from the options. Click Apply.



    Select the options to Sync Google Docs and Comments or Sync Google Docs but don't sync Comments if you want Google Docs integration.


    Save and Create Group.


    If you logged into you will see a new Drive Folder has been created with the same name as the Group you created in Jive. Files added to this Drive Folder are now available to Jive and binary content and/or Google Docs created in the Jive Group are visible in the Drive Folder.


    Using Google Docs in Jive:

    If you were to select Actions, you will see you have the option to Create Google ....


    Start working on your Google Document using the Google Docs real-time editor. Click Done.


    You now have the ability to click back into that Document in Jive in either Read or Edit Mode.



    Add a comment in the doc in Google Drive and navigate back to the document preview page to see the comment in Jive. Add a Comment in Jive and see it in Drive.