Version 2

    Did you know that a community manager can import many useful add-ons (containing apps, tiles, and other Jive extensions) from the Jive Global Registry? The registry is a place where Jive and Jive's partners offer add-ons that can provide additional functionality to your Jive community. In order to browse and install an add-on from the Jive Global Registry, refer to the following instructions:


    1. As a community manager, log in to your Jive community and select the Add-ons menu option.
    2. Click the Available tab to view the available add-ons from the global registry.
    3. Browse through the table of add-ons and click Install for any add-ons you want to install into your community.


    Once installed, the features of this add-on are now available to your community.


    You can always uninstall an add-on by going back to the Add-ons menu and selecting Uninstall from the list of options in the Action menu.