Version 5

    You can sign an add-on to give it unrestricted content rights to your community. You shouldn't need to do this for most add-ons, but some scenarios require this functionality.

    WARNING: This action gives unrestricted content rights to this add-on!

    As a Full Access Admin, perform the following steps:

    1. From the Add-ons page, hold down the Command key (⌘) on a Mac or the Control key on Windows while clicking Upload Package.
      upload package.png
    2. Create a new signature. You can now specify the UUID of the add-on (found within the "id" field of meta.json) and click Sign.
      sign package.png
    3. Use the new signature. Copy the resulting signature value and use it for the "jiveServiceSignature" field specified in definition.json of your add-on. (If you intend to install this add-on onto multiple Jive instances, you can put all the signatures into this field as a space-separated list of signatures.) Be sure to specify "true" for the "systemAdmin" value as well. Below is an example definition.json:


    "integrationUser": {
        "systemAdmin": true,
        "jiveServiceSignature": "INSERT_SIGNATURE_HERE"

    You can now package your add-on and upload it to your Jive community.