Version 1
    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-6206S2Line breaks in "Share" emails are not honored
    Activity,Activity: Status LevelsJIVE-48953S2Status points aren't added when you interact with an event
    Activity,Activity: InboxJIVE-50960S2Unread Inbox count is shown due to an @mention in an outdated task
    Activity,Activity: Custom Streams,Architecture: DatabaseJIVE-51325S2Some users may not be able to create 10 custom streams due to a database upgrade issue affecting index uniqueness
    Activity,Activity: WidgetsJIVE-51361S3Key Content and Places tile will not link to Custom Place Pages
    Activity,Activity: Status LevelsJIVE-53745S2Status Level circle animation spins like a pinwheel when showcasing a status level based on a user group
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-53760S2After you select Hide new activity to remove updates from the inbox, you still get email notifications
    Activity,Activity: NewsJIVE-55141S1Enabling email notifications for an Everyone News stream doesn't result in email notifications
    Activity,Activity: Inbox,Activity: Structured OutcomesJIVE-55365S1Branching structured outcome comment leads to Inbox Javascript errors
    Activity,Activity: NewsJIVE-55476S1ios app get NEWS flag = NO if the instance has no enable/disable News option
    Activity,Activity: NewsJIVE-55653S1Ask a Question Tile on the News page doesn't render
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-56533S1All 50 email sending threads are stuck in socket read state.
    Activity,Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-57206S3When following an item in Inbox as well as a custom stream, hiding activity in the custom stream suppresses email notifications from Inbox activity on that item
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-48907AggregatedSummaryFunction batchsize is not configurable
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-55360S2Help card in the User Adoption report contains tokens instead of help text
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-56507S3Activity Leaderboard graph doesn't fit the page width
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-56560S2Can't download a CSV of Places Activity from the main Community Manager Reports page
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-57315S2Community Manager Reports exposing
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-57316S2Community Manager Reports exposing
    AnalyticsJIVE-57390S1Upgrade to 8.0.1 failing in "Analytics Clear and Reset User Profile" task
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-57854S1Community Manager Reports date picker doesn't work for IE8, 9, or 10
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-57865S2Launching a CSV from Community Manager Reports results in errors in the logs
    Analytics,Analytics: CMRJIVE-58333S1Can't download a CSV from Community Manager Reports in Jive-x
    API Gateway,Jive Platform APIsJIVE-55418S2When making an API call with SAML identity containing a forward slash, URL escaping does not work
    Apps,Apps: TenancyJIVE-55343Allow configuration of connection and read timeout for tenancy client
    Apps,ContentJIVE-55398S2Deletingan  inline image from the DOM can cause problems with content presentation
    Architecture,Architecture: ClusteringJIVE-55010S2Themes are not always updated on all application nodes
    Architecture,Architecture: DatabaseJIVE-56561S1Missing Unique constraint on jivegroup
    Architecture,Architecture: Upgrade FrameworkJIVE-57356S1Oracle - Upgrade to 8.0.1 failing in "Add new indexes..." task
    Architecture,Architecture: Configuration FilesJIVE-57744S2Apache isn't setting the appropriate headers for application/x-shockwave-flash resources
    Architecture,Architecture: Background Tasks,Architecture: DatabaseJIVE-55833S0Errors when Kryo serializes enum CachedPreparedStatement.CacheControl
    Architecture: JavaScript,PeopleJIVE-55948S1Google Tracking Code needs to be just before the closing </head> tag, and not the closing </body> tag
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-32723S1Unauthenticated request for Personal Blog Post on Brewspace doesn't initiate SSO
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-40690S3Ask a Question widget only searches in discussion titles
    Content,Content: AnnouncementsJIVE-47156S2Announcements created and started in the same day are shown as created the day before in their Details
    ContentJIVE-47271S2Profanity filter doesn't block in page titles
    Content,Content: Email Content CreationJIVE-50582S2Create by email allows blank replies
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-51026S2Community Managers can accessing SSO but see a blank page
    Content,Content: Browsing,Content: TaggingJIVE-52778S2Filtering by tag or category not working for open questions
    Content,Content: Status UpdatesJIVE-53973S2Reminder to Update Your Status still appears when user status updates are disabled
    Content,Content: Photo AlbumJIVE-54422S2I18n key displayed in Content create menu > Photo Album Plugin
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-54522S3Latest Poll widget pagination doesn't work
    Content,Content: IdeationJIVE-54677S1Ideas: Can't be exported - got error "Unauthorized"
    Content,People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-54737S1When SAML is enabled and Guest Access is allowed, referrer is lost
    Content,Content: Admin ConsoleJIVE-54814S2Need to update default RegEx for checkmail.outOfOfficeRegex and checkmail.outOfOfficeBodyRegex System Properties
    Content,Content: EventsJIVE-54903S2Some time zones cause "An unexpected error" when adding event to calendar
    Content,Content: CommentsJIVE-54937S2Message Governor is preventing Comments on Blog Posts
    Content,Content: BoxJIVE-54974S1Downloading content attached to a document using the Box integration fails for the iOS app, Safari on iOS, and Safari on Mac
    Content,Content: BoxJIVE-55134S2"ImageProcessingException: File format is not supported" after installing Box
    Content,Content: Admin ConsoleJIVE-55194S1Plugin is deleted when disabling it and then restarting the instance
    Content,Content: SEOJIVE-55223S1Poor user experience when jive.breadcrumb.legacy is set to true (default for Jive-x) if several layers deep.
    Content,Content: Direct MessageJIVE-55227S2Direct Message Send button is only partially styled on iOS
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-55321S1HTML Widget's are cleansing safe URL's out of href="" attributes when used within an <area> tag
    Content,Content: BoxJIVE-55330S2Box - folder for a new group is not being created in the "Jive Groups" subfolder
    Content,Content: ModerationJIVE-55410S3Duplicate emails received if a moderated document is edited before being approved
    Content,Content: BoxJIVE-55436S2Need a NPE check in ExStorageMemberEntitlementUpdateNotifier
    Content,Content: BoxJIVE-55454S1Cannot create a project connected to Box inside a Group not connected to Box
    Content,Content: BoxJIVE-55532S2Creating a space from the admin console doesn't use the default storage provider
    Content,Mobile: ResponsiveJIVE-55576S2News Tiles seem to supersede Mobile Home Page Tiles when viewing the Mobile Home Page
    Content,Content: Document ConversionJIVE-55865S3Inconsistent font sizes when viewing as a PDF when content uses &rsquo;
    Content,Content: CommentsJIVE-57270S3Line-height on jive comments calculated wrong
    Content,Content: RenderingJIVE-57762S2In PDFs, special characters like ldquo, rdquo, mdash and their HTML numbers render with different fonts
    Content,Content: AntivirusJIVE-58289S2Attachments that undergo document conversion are not virus-scanned
    Content,Content: Status UpdatesJIVE-58299S2Unable to add new lines creating a new status update in IE
    Content,Content: Admin ConsoleJIVE-58361S1Interceptor failed to load.
    Content,Content: WidgetsJIVE-55338S2Recent Content Widget fails to populate content when Place is left blank
    Content EditorJIVE-52621S2Text after an emoticon in a Content Editor-enabled comment is cut off when the comment is typed in IE 11
    i18n & l10nJIVE-52890Add better terminology for content type comment/reply buttons
    i18n & l10n,i18n & l10n: Translation ProcessJIVE-55877S2Incorrect Dutch Translation of Start a Discussion
    i18n & l10n,i18n & l10n: Translation ProcessJIVE-56566S3Italian translation of "Tasks" in a Project is wrong
    i18n & l10nJIVE-56627S3Missing article in PDF conversion error message
    i18n & l10n,i18n & l10n: Translation ProcessJIVE-56806S3In French Language 'Endorse this skill' button displays in English
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-53622S1When visiting a blog post using the v3 API, the resource link with the list of followers returns a 403 error
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-53694S2Missing avatar in documents/blog posts when created by an add-on integration user in a non-root context instance
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-54162S3Core V3 recommended contents - "subject" field not returned for ideas by default
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-55098S2Core API V3: Documents stuck in draft if no changes to content/title
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-55111S2Core API v3 - 500 error while updating a user without passing a payload
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-55119S2Core API v3: cannot link to previous document revisions
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-55381S1Upgrade task "Enforce no more than one instance of an app per user" fails on postgres 9.4
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-56832S2Content edit fails when content points to inaccessible app
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-56877Need to support sharing to groups via the API
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-57151S2Core API v3: Missing verbs in extStreamActivity 'self' resource
    Jive Platform APIs,Jive Platform APIs: Core APIJIVE-57492S2Core API v3 - Field thumbnailUrl is missing in PersonEntity when no resources were asked
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-57704S0Mixed content error breaks apps when SSL terminated in Apache
    Jive Platform APIsJIVE-57788S1Tile actions not working in "Your View"
    People,People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-49045S2Scheduled nightly tasks such as LDAP sync run even when disabled
    PeopleJIVE-51992S2Badge Image is not shown in "Last modified by" in documents
    PeopleJIVE-53840S1Admins can view username even when security levels should prohibit
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-53907S2Visibility of Profile Field gets reset every time user updates any profile field value
    People,People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-55319S1Context in referrer is duplicated when SAML and LDAP are both enabled
    People,People: RegistrationJIVE-55675S2Registration with captcha enabled fails at times
    People,People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-55792S1No avatars in the People settings of admin console
    PeopleJIVE-55932S1Error "No template found for jive.browse.user.ThumbnailExternalUserItem" when browsing People in card view
    People,People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-56642S2Avatars alignment in the People settings of Admin Console - displaying in one column downward
    PeopleJIVE-56683S2NPE when applying space permissions
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-56996S2Alternate email is not deleted from the database when a user is deleted
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-57123S2"ERROR freemarker.runtime" is thrown when user goes to edit Profile > Privacy
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-57640S1Changing a password from the profile menu doesn't work
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-57645S2User profile fields do not retrieve previously saved data
    People,People: User ProfilesJIVE-58250S2In non root context instances, clicking Save or Cancel after a profile edit results in being redirected to an error
    PlacesJIVE-25706S2Creating more than the maximum number of categories in a group generates the error "error occurred trying to edit category"
    Places,Places: Site NavigationJIVE-27755S2Links formed when navigating to categories via widget use brackets in URL
    Places,Places: WidgetsJIVE-31975S3Top Liked/Rated Content widget displays i18n keys of the Remote Documents on the configuration page
    Places,Places: Admin ConsoleJIVE-45828S2When you merge spaces, there is no completion indicator
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-48145S3External Objects feature is available when Add-ons are disabled
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-51877S2External Group Admin cannot save group settings.
    Places,Places: Social Groups,Places: SpacesJIVE-54254S2If a group member has an invalid email address, you cannot delete the group
    Places,Places: Social ActionsJIVE-54331S3Inconsistent UI messaging about the friends and connection restriction when sharing an item and selecting from People list
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-54622S3js error " Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function" when adding and deleting custom navigation links
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-54627S2Number of custom links reduced to 3 when News is enabled instead of 4
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-55594S2Square avatar setting not honored properly in Basic header theme
    Places,Places: ThemingJIVE-55658S2Login/register links do not honor theme coloring in responsive view
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-57219S1Upgrade from 504 with Oracle to 801 fails in "Adds missing unique constraint to" task
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-58061S2Access to private group shown "Unauthorized" instead of "Ask to join this group"
    Places,Places: Social GroupsJIVE-58064S2Access to invited private group shown "Unauthorized" instead of the properly waiting for approval invite message
    Records RetentionJIVE-54129S2Records retention can cause a backup in the event dispatcher, which can cause the Inbox not to stay marked as read
    Records RetentionJIVE-57729S2User created/edited tags for a bookmark are not getting retained
    Records RetentionJIVE-58509S2Record Retention XML setup is ignoring retention.actiance.aggregation.cronExpression configuration
    Search,Search: Spotlight v2JIVE-54693S316px icons in spotlight search don't indent the text properly
    Search,Search: UIJIVE-56559S3Spotlight search UI hover treatment is inconsistent between views
    Search,Search: Spotlight v2JIVE-56587S2Ampersand can break v2 spotlight search and require page refresh
    Search,Search: Spotlight v2JIVE-56902S2Missing i18n for Content/People links in spotlight search top place result