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    I would appreciate some community input on this, as we are close to starting an effort on this subject that will have us asking ~ 1,500 users to update their profiles.

    I'm not a Jive developer, so my apologies if my terminology is confusing.


    The Current Situation

    The current situation, with some ficticious details (I'll describe it as a global food company)

    • Jive 7.0, Internal Community, large set of users (global, company wide deployment)
    • We have a subset of 1,500 users in a particular functional area (production), that are highly trained and specialized
    • We'd like to an easy way to search among all the producers with a certain skill, or to first limit by site, or business and then search by expertise
    • We would like to be able to use the funtionality of the tag cloud, and show the reduced cloud as more search filters are added
    • We cannot use the existing profile search interface
      • the tag cloud does not reduce as tag filters are added, it continues to show selections from the unfiltered cloud
      • the search interaface doesn't display the cloud so the user has to start typing first, so they need to know the term they want to search on
    • We have tested our concept with a group of ~ 100 users, and are happy with using a link to a prefiltered tag search to get them to the first step


    The Tentative Plan

    • Use the profile skills and expertise and have the user enter the specific tags that we request they include.  These would be tags to
      • identify them as a baker (baker)
      • identify the site (US-MA-Boston, Spain-barcelona, etc)
      • identify the business (Cupcakes, Donuts, Bread, Cereal, etc)
      • identify their expertise from some suggested tags that we've anticipated, about 50 (flour, mixing, eggs, ovens, etc)
      • add their own custom tags, but give them visibility to what custom tags are trending in the profiles of our bakers
    • Monitor to see which users have added the "Baker" tag, and have profiles with > 5 skills (so have presumably filled it out properly)
    • Monitor to correct for typos and maintain tag consistency
      • We'd like to automate the monitoring and reminding process as much as possible


    Tools we need to create

    • An excel or web based "create your tag string" document, to allow the user to check a few buttons and create a tag string that they can cut and paste into their profile after they click "New skill"
    • An excel based list of users, which we can use to query their profiles to see what tags are listed by bringing that into Excel
      • We have internal developer types that have demonstrated this, but it is over my head and I can't simply describe it here
      • This allows us to monitor for users that have not complied, and also obtain the collection of all tags for other purposes (see below)
    • A mailmerge type of method to generate customized emails to the users that have not added the baker profile, or have too few other skills
    • A method to easily monitor for tagging mistakes, and an easy way to suggest the correct tag for a user, and ask them to remove the incorrect one
    • Various elearing documents to show examples and short videos of what the user is expected to do at each step, and also how the final system works
    • An open group, that is there simply to house a handful of documents and links to the pre-filtered tag clouds
      • The focus of this group will be a large html widget in the center, which contains links to all the common prefilters based on the suggested skills, the trending custom skills, and also show the number of users with that tag (we'd update this based on the web scraping results)
        • as new skills become popular, they will be added to the "create your tag string" template
      • For example, this htm widget would have links to the prefiltered tag clouds of people with the following tags
        • bakers (1,500)
        • (all the links below would actually link to "baker" and the site, or business, or expertise)
        • Sites:  US-MA-Boston (50), Spain-Barcelona (75), Russia-Siberia (1)
        • Business:   Cupcakes (452), Donuts (73), Bread (123), Cereal (80), Gruel (1)
        • Experties:
          • Ingredients:   Flour (14), eggs (94), Dairy (12)
          • Equipment:  Ovents (45), freeze-drying (3)
          • Packaging:  Barrier-films (13), sealing (45), paper (17)
        • Trending skills:   solar-baking (4), nano (32), gluten-free (74)


    I'm looking forward to input from the community on this, and hopefully I've given you all some ideas.


    Good references I've found