Version 2
    1. How many users are to be synced?

    2. Should the user sync provision new users apart from updating existing users?

    3. When syncing users, how do we uniquely identify users? Is it by email address, username or an external identity?

    4. Should the user sync deactivate users? If yes, what is the logic?

    5. Please provide a field mapping that indicates how the data from the source system will map to Jive data:
      Source FieldUser attribute
      Profile Field (visible)Extended Property (not visible)
      username (unique)
      email (unique)
      password (for non-federated users)
      manager (for org chart only)

    6. Will the sync process provide for permission group assignments?

    7. If the answer to Question 3 is "Yes", please describe the rules for doing so.

    8. Are there other special rules that the sync process needs to be able to handle, such as custom formatting of fields, merging field values together, a single value that needs to be populated in multiple Jive profile fields?

    9. Are there any special rules with respect to enabling or disabling users?

    10. How are blank field values to be handled?

    11. Is there any chance that users may have duplicate usernames or email addresses?

    12. Is there a need to merge multiple users from the source file into a single Jive user?

    13. Are you able to produce, on a regular basis, a UTF-8 encoded CSV file containing the user data described above, and transfer the file via SFTP to Jive?