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    What is the UAT Email Whitelist Plugin?

    The UAT email whitelist plugin allows you to configure your Jive instance so only specific users in your community will be allowed to receive emails.


    This can be helpful if you are copying production data to a UAT or staging site for testing, and you want to prevent the test site from sending emails to your users. The plugin allows you to create a whitelist of user email addresses or email domains that are able to still receive emails for testing purposes. This will allow you to test email functionality on your testing site with specific user accounts without unwanted emails being sent to other users on your community.


    The plugin is only available for Jive hosted and on-premise instances. It is not available for Jive Cloud instances.


    How do I install the UAT Email Whitelist Plugin?

    If you would like to use the plugin on your hosted or on-premise site please create a new support case requesting the plugin.


    How do I configure the plugin?

    There are two system properties that can be used to whitelist individual email addresses and/or domains. If a user's email is in the first list and/or their domain is in the second, the plugin will not stifle the email.



    The plugin isn't working correctly. What do I do?

    Please create a new support case and Jive will work with you to resolve the issue.