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    As a Box partner, Paladin Group, formerly JCS Consulting realized that there was no documentation in the actual Jive Community, but there is plenty here: Documentation - Jive Software. So since this was asked for recently in Has anyone created a Jive + Box Integration user document?, we wanted to help out. We have built some custom versions of Box integrations as well, but what you find here is out-of-the-Box, so to speak.




    Before you begin, ensure that you have set up your Box Integration User by following these instructions: Setting up the Box Integration User


    Install the Add-On

    By clicking on your avatar, you can bring up the menu to mange the Systems Add-ons. (Note: You must have some admin rights to see this option)


    Click on Install for the app you wish to install into your Jive instance:


    Confirm by clicking Install. If you would like to test first and ensure no one else can see the Add-on, you can check the box for This service is visible only to me but remember, you will have to reconfigure later when you want to make it visible to everyone.


    Configuring the Integration User


    Click on Configure Now ... to set up the integration user.



    You will then be led thorough the following screens to set up the authorization:






    You can choose to Save and Activate the app at this point. This completes the integration user set-up.



    Configuring the Jive External Storage Integration


    In the Add-ons menu, select the Storage Management tab along the top of the App Canvas and then select Add Integration.



    You can name your integration anything you like, but we advise that you make it something obvious as it will be the display name that users select when they choose the External Storage option.



    At this point, the admin can choose WHO can use this External Storage integration. You can leave the default, which is Everyone, or you can choose certain users or a security (permission) group previously set up. You can find out how to do that here: Defining User Groups



    Setting the External File Storage in Jive Place


    When creating a group or changing the settings, you can configure the External File Storage by selecting Change. If you have already configured another External File Storage, you can NOT change it. You can only have ONE External File storage connected to ONE place.



    Select the External File Storage you would like to use. This description is the one that was set up previously. Then click Apply.

    *Note: All documents uploaded to Jive from THIS POINT FORWARD will be stored in Box. If this connection is severed, the files will be in Box but users will be unable to access from Jive.





    Box + Jive Functionality


    The Box + Jive functionality can be used by uploading files from Jive or Box. It does not work with any other Jive content types, but any content allowed in Jive or Box will be displayed in both places. Simply upload a file into Jive ...




    Notice that you are given a notification that this file will be stored in Box.



    Once the file is uploaded, it looks and feels like a Jive Uploaded Document, but it has indicators and links to the Box environment that it is stored in. By clicking on the View the file in action, you will be taken to the file preview in Box.



    In the two screen shots below, notice that I can use the native Box commenting feature and that I have the Activity tab and the Info tab, where I can add custom metadata and utilize all the Box functionality.






    If you navigate up to the folder where the file is kept, you will see a link to the document in the Jive place, along with all the other Box folder information like Collaborators and options to share.


    *Note: You can share this file with people outside of your Jive instance if that option is enabled in your Box instance. This can allow for External Contributors on a particular document, without exposing your entire group contents. We have seen this as a very valuable use case.



    Once back in the Jive preview, you can see that the comments made in Box come over as Jive comments, with the notification that this was posted on behalf of [user] by the Jive + Box Integration.



    The replies from Jive also show in the Box preview activity stream, so no matter where you comment, it shows for everyone.





    Some other cool features


    • Content shows in the Jive Content tab, just like regular Jive uploaded documents
    • Integrated Search - If you search for a document that was uploaded into a connected Box folder or Jive place, Jive search and Box search will index and find it.


    For more info check out:What's New with Jive & Box or Paladin Group, formerly JCS Consulting