Version 2

    Below, please find the presentation given by Chris Mandel (In Loving Memory), Daniel Mudgett, and Nik Edmiidz at the June 18 NY/NJ User Group meeting, along with my notes.


    Presentation Recording:


    Jive NYC User Group_3




    About the Medidata Jive implementation:

    • The internal Medidata Jive community is known as Express or "MedEx"
    • Originally, the Medidata team planned to create a lot of customizations and to have a privately hosted installation--
    • But they eventually decided on going to cloud instead


    Express homepage:

    • Decided to keep simple
    • Have designated an area called "Around Medidata" where anyone can post


    History of social collaboration at Medidata:

    • Prior to Jive, Medidata had "Medinet" based on Google sites
    • Anyone at the company could edit these sites, even the homepage
    • So there was already a collaborative culture prior to using Jive


    Keys to success:

    • The president at Medidata is very involved, creates videos and asks questions
    • Marketing the site--they dropped a poster and pen on everyone's desk prior to the launch
    • Gamification--since Medidata is a software company, many who worked there were "gamers" or competitive, and were fighting to be on top, so gamification worked well as an engagement strategy



    • At first there was a fear that this would be like "Facebook"
    • Getting away from email, especially the "All Staff" emails
      • When one is sent, the Express team contacts the senders to offer to help them get set up on Jive, one even has an auto-reply to these emails that essentially says "you should put this on Jive"
    • Space admins have too much access in terms of creating subspaces and setting permissions, the Medidata team would like to have more ways of limiting admin access to spaces



    • Some companies struggle with whether to let employees discuss more personal matters on Jive
    • Medidata has a designated community for this--"Medilounge"--essentially put in by popular demand
    • Has been trending since its first day in the community



    • An app created by Medidata
    • Player is presented with a profile picture from Jive and given choices about who it is to pick from
    • Allows users to compete with each other for points
    • Allows users to "report bad image"--such as cartoon character avatar, etc--and lock out that user from the game




    Q: What use cases worked well at Medidata?

    A: Some of the more obvious use cases worked pretty well but didn't take off--like the "HR Storefront."  There is an anonymous "Ask the Executive" space that has really taken off. There was an "Executive Corner" where all the executives could blog, but it was eventually retired--the president preferred doing things such as posting videos or asking questions rather than blogging in an executive space. "Medilounge" was a later addition that really took off.


    Q: How did you create an anonymous "Ask the Executive" area in Jive?

    A: Since Jive doesn't support anonymity, this is done using a Google form.


    Q: What are some challenges you've faced?

    A: Curation of tags has been a problem, looking at the Jive Curation tool to solve this.  This tool can do things such as tagging & categorizing 100 docs at the same time.