Version 1
    This feature is beta functionality. It is available now for advance planning and early feedback. Feel free to toggle on this feature and play around with it in your preview instances if you have them; we recommend this feature remains off in your production instances. This feature is off by default in this release. 


    Document Enhancements

    We've visually redesigned documents so the main information is easier to consume and to better highlight the document's content. Following are the main changes you'll see with this improvement if you enable it in your test or preview instance.

    • We've removed the right sidebar to place more emphasis on the document's actual content.
    • The Actions and Mark As menus in the right sidebar have moved. They are now pull-down menus at the top of a document.
    • The "More Like This" and "Incoming Links" widgets have been renamed to "Similar Content" and "Mentions," respectively, and moved to the bottom of the document.
    • Users can now mark documents as Helpful at the bottom of the document.
    • The document's Impact Metrics have moved to the Views link beneath the document's content.

    To enable the new document style in your test or preview instance, go to Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features and enable Documents. We recommend keeping this feature off in your production instance.


    Here's an example of the new Documents: