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    What is the Support Center?

    The Support Center streamlines how users find answers by dedicating a path to just that.  This experience focuses on enabling self-help and community support with the goal of reducing the number of new support cases being created. To enable it, navigate to Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features and select Enabled for Support Center.


    The Support Center:

    • Helps users quickly find their answers by using predictive search and providing official answers.
    • Discourages users from cluttering up the community with already-answered questions by providing a configurable layout so you can surface targeted topics and common answers.
    • Gives users a place to easily ask the community a question if an answer doesn't exist.
    • Lets you adjust the layout and style to best reflect your organization's content and branding.

    Is Support Center for Internal or External Communities?

    The short answer is both! Support Center is useful for either Jive-x or Jive-n communities because either way you have someone you're supporting, and that someone could use answers at their fingertips. Support Center helps External communities support customers by presenting them with information they'll likely need, up front. You can feature content like important topics, top answers, or your knowledge base, and use Support Center to guide customers through the proper steps to reduce Support calls.The IT department in Internal communities can use Support Center to help employees find answers to the most common questions IT gets asked: How Do I Setup My Email? How Do I Start a Conference Call? How Do I Use That Printer?

    Example Support Center (Jive-x)

    Here's an example of how you might set up Support Center for an external community for an online book selling company.


    Example Support Center (Jive-n)

    Here's a example of how you might set up Support Center for an internal community for a space exploration company.


    Enabling Support Center

    New Jive-x instances have Support Center enabled by default. If you have a new instance, just look for the Support link in the main navigation menu of your community.


    The Support link means the Support Center is enabled. To provide Support Center to your community, navigate to Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features and select Enabled for Support Center. To see the Support link, you also need to follow the steps in Removing or Editing the Support Link in the next section.

    Using the theming tool in Jive, you have the ability to remove the Support link all together, or just rename it.

    Note: If you already have Custom Links enabled, start with Step 4. You need to perform these steps to see the Support link.

    1. Your Avatar > Theming.
    2. Advanced > Custom Links.
    3. Select the Custom Links Enabled checkbox.
    4. Click back to the main theming page and click the blue dot under + mark.
    5. You can either use the preset Support link or rename it to something else:
      -To show Support as the custom link, select Preset > Support.
      -To rename Support select Single and type the new name, which is "Supportal" in the following example. You also need to type /support in the URL field.  Note: Don't forget the forward slash!
    6. Click Save Theme...
    7. Click Publish Theme on Save.
    8. Click Save and Publish.


    What Navigation Changes Does Support Center Cause?

    When you have Support Center enabled, the only navigation change will be the new link in the main navigation menu. This provides one-click access to the Support Center. When the feature is enabled, the Support link cannot be moved or removed in the current release.

    Setting Up Support Center for Your Community

    Once you have Support Center enabled, there are a few things you need to set up. This section helps you deploy a focused support environment in your Jive community.

    1. Provide the Manage Support Center permission to the user who will manage, style and build the Help Center.
    2. Find or create places that will contain everything employees or users need to get their questions answered.  If you're setting up a new community, you can use the Admin Console to create the places you want to use in the Help Center. Admin Console: Spaces > New.
    3. Find or create content for these places. Create or find documents or discussions, and add them to the places you want to use in the Support Center.
    4. Prepare content for the Support Center.  By default, the Support Center shows the 5 most recent items in recent activity for a place. If you set featured content in a place, it becomes the 5 content items you see.
    5. Design the Support Center. Here are the basics, but for more details, see Managing the Support Center in Help.
      1. Click Configure as a user with the Manage Support Center permission.
      2. Change header fonts and colors to match your community.
      3. Add sections to the Support Center and change the title to categorize the content that belongs under it.
      4. Add places to the sections.
    6. Publish the Support Center.


    Employee Support Center for Jive-n

    For an internal community, Support Center saves time for all employees, those seeking answers and those providing them. You could use Support Center to collect answers that were previously scattered throughout your community, and pull them into one place. Employee service departments such as IT, HR, and Facilities, would find this feature useful for reducing the time spent answering common employee questions. The following list suggests content an employee support center might need:

    • Onboarding guides and employee handbooks
    • Benefits booklets
    • IT troubleshooting topics
    • Mobile phone access for your community
    • Maintenance requests
    • How to access a printer

    Customer Support Center for Jive-x

    For an external community, Support Center empowers your community to find answers before they get frustrated. You can change the layout of the Support Center so you only show the most important content. Set up Support Center to collect FAQs or a Knowledge Base, and put them right in front of the customer. Any company with customers could use Support Center as a way of deflecting support cases, and reducing customer's time spent searching for answers, which leads to frustration. The following list suggests content a customer support center might need:

    • Product troubleshooting tips
    • Getting started guides
    • Technical Support
    • Questions about orders


    End User FAQs

    Here's some common questions to get you started with your Support Center FAQ for end users.


    Where do I begin?

    Click Support in the top of your community if you have any questions. Browse the topics right there to see if there's an answer for you. If not, your next step is searching the community.


    How do I find answers?

    At the top of the Support Center, you'll see a search box that you can use to find your issue. After you submit a search, browse through the results. If you see too many results, just use the check boxes to the left to filter out what you don't want.


    In Support Center search, you can use filters to the left to narrow your results. Narrow by places, type of content, or the state it's in (like Final). Spotlight search focuses on one place or the entire community.


    When should I ask a question?

    Once you've searched and read a bit, and you're pretty sure your question doesn't exist, you should go ahead and create a new question.


    How long will It take for questions to get answered?

    This depends on the week, but we strive for a 2-3 day turnaround period.