Version 2
    This feature is being previewed in this release so you can give us early feedback. Please contact Jive support to toggle on this feature in your non-production instances so you can preview it. This feature is toggled off by default in this release. We decided to hide the toggle with the 2015.2.2 maintenance upgrade.


    New Content Type: Questions

    We've created a new content type called Questions that users will see in the Create menu if you enable this feature (and the Create menu is enabled). Questions are intended to keep conversations on track and deflect similar questions. Following are the main changes you'll see with this new feature if you enable it in your test or preview instance.

    • When enabled, Questions are an explicit option in the Create menu; users will no longer have to create a discussion and mark it as a question. However, users will still see the option to mark discussions as questions if you have discussions enabled (System > Settings > Discussions). When a discussion marked as a question is published, the discussion will be published as the new question content type.
    • There is no right sidebar on questions. This draws attention to the content of the question.
    • The More Actions and Mark As pull-down menus at the top of a question allow users to follow, bookmark, move, and mark questions without cluttering up the page with bulky sidebar menus.
    • The Similar Content and Mentions widgets are located at the bottom of the page to direct users to other helpful content.
    • Instead of chronologically-ordered comments on questions, users will see the Correct Answer listed first (if there is one), followed by comments with the most Helpful marks. Any comments after those will be listed in chronological order. This highlights the Correct Answer for other users.
    • The Answered Questions and Unanswered Questions tiles in places will pull in the new questions content type. These can be very useful in places where asking and answering questions is the main focus, for example, customer support, sales support, and HR.


    To enable this feature in your test or preview instance, go to Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features and enable Questions. We recommend keeping this feature off in your production instance.


    Here's an example of the new Question content type: