Version 2

    Here is the list of the attendee questions that came up during the 2015.2 Cloud Release Webinar along with answers from our product team.




    Which of the features with this release are available for Jive-n only and which are Jive-x only?All features of this release are in general available for both Jive-n and Jive-x, although some might be more applicable in the Jive-n scenario and some in Jive-x. The Jive-x admin app is the only feature that is available for Jive-x only.
    Is there a "overview" users guide that we can send out to let users know what the key changes are?Yes. Here is a link to the upgrade guide which will provide you that information: Jive-n and Jive-X 2015.2 Upgrade and Onboarding Guide
    Support Center
    Is Support Center a paid-for module?No. Support Center is available with the core product.
    Are the new tiles for support center dynamic?  Based on categories/tags? Or are they manual like the current set of tiles out there today?Not tiles at all - more like the news config where streams are set up and fed with content. In the support center config. you simply select the places you want to feature and you can organize them in sections.
    How would you navigate to support places? Looks like clicking on the tile takes you to filtered search results, not a place?Correct. We plan to add a link to "go view the group" to the support experience, but the design intentionally keeps them in the support center and shows them the content from the group to make it fast and easy. Taking a user to a group adds too many variables and distractions when they have a problem and need help.

    Is the Support center available to turn on only in Jive-x instances or also Jive-n?

    It is also available for Jive-n - but it's limited availability - not GA. This means that it's a feature that is still in flight and it can / should be turned on in some instances and not others until it's complete.
    Any way to reverse the comments - so latest comments first rather than last?  Getting asked that by existing customers.The new questions will order by most helpful rather than time. Existing discussions work as they do today, but we are looking at combining comments and discussions into a singular threaded conversation that could be ordered in a number of ways, including newest to oldest. In order to do that, we have to change our threading algorithm to work with reverse ordering, since the newest comment could be in the middle of some random thread and it has to be rendered correctly.
    Is my understanding correct that Support Center surfaces questions and answers from across Jive Community as a whole, so it cannot be used in communities that have spaces/groups on different topics.It does surface questions and answers from across the Jive community as a whole. This is similar to how the "Ask a question" widget / tile has worked on the global homepage for some time. In our experience, we've found that discussions and questions in others groups can often be the information an end user needs to deflect a case. We built the experience so key support places can easily be listed for quick filtering to a group or category.
    What is the search scope for support center search?The default search is global, but it only returns documents, questions, and videos. If a support center places is selected, search will be scoped to that place.
    How does someone on Jive-x pilot Support Center without turning it on in Production?  Is there a sandbox?Cloud customers can get access to a preview instance. Hosted customers generally have a staging environment.
    What will happen to the current tickets submitted in to support that we have not received a reply to?Only questions that get created after the add-on is configured will be monitored according to the SLA for ticket creation. Existing questions will not automatically generate tickets.
    Zendesk Integration
    Will we be able to integrate with our own existing zendesk help center and apply filters to show only information related to jive?The Zendesk connector is focused on taking unanswered Jive Questions and pushing them over to a Zendesk ticket after a SLA timeframe is hit.  After the ticket is created in Zendesk it could be further organized or filtered upon.

    Can you show us an example of a community manager might use the very cool new reporting graphic to understand their community? What types of insights might they glean? How would they act on them?

    User to User Interaction

    Traditionally, community managers have struggled to establish how vibrant a given community is and how the different departments or locations interact with each other. The user to user interaction chart answers this questions. The user to user interaction chart provides a simple visual where you are able to see how the different departments or locations interact ( Any user profile field can be used for segmentation) .

    Once a community managers views the interactions, the person can identify users that are not interacting or are siloed and can engage these groups to foster cross department interactions. Additionally, they can view users that are actively engaged and can organize focus groups around them.


    Engagement Index

    With the new engagement index chart, a community manager can track how engaged a community is. With tracking activity, you can only know how active a community is, but not how engaged. The issue with tracking activity is that you community managers can have many users performing a few activities. This may result in the community losing traction in the long run.

    With the new engagement index number, the community manager, can ensure that the users who are active on the community actively contribute to the community and engagement is ensured


    Engagement index = Total Activities / Total Active Users

    For these new charts, what level of segmentation do we provide. The diagram in the deck shows departments but our customers will want to be able to segment based on other fields and possibly more fields.

    Any profile field can be used for segmentation.
    The filtering of analytics in user to user - is that only based on default fields, or can we use custom profile fields? For example, since "department" is a free text field, it is less useful (people aren't consistent). We'd like to use our custom fields that are drop down so consistent.The drops downs are based on profile fields. If you get the profile feeds populated using HR data, then you may be able to get better accuracy.
    Is there any plan for integration with Plateau in order to expand analytics capabilities?There are no integration plans for Plateau at this time. Are there any specific use cases that you had in mind that we can address?
    Where do you find the User to User Engagement metrics?You can find it under the CMRs : Click on the Profile icon; Community Manager Reports; in the left nav, you should be able to see the User to User interaction report
    For the newly arranged reports, are date range and filter selections persistent? For the original CMR, you selected dates and filters and then switching to a new report did not require you to reset the dates and filters (an annoying waste of time). But new reports did not follow this effective practice. What is the status of this now?The date range and the filters are not persistent. That said, in the newer concepts , we are working on a way where this frustration is reduced. The problem is that you don't have access to all the information you need in one go and hence you need the persistence. As a Product team, we are in discussion on how we can alive ate this problem.
    Are these analytic reports also available in Jive-x?Yes, the analytics reports are available for Jive-x

    For the interactions report, are the filter parameters configurable?

    The filters in the interaction reports are based on the user profile fields. Depending on how the community is set up you will see a different set of drop downs.
    We're building our own analytics dashboard to supplement what Jive doesn't yet offer, but it'll be good to know what the product team's thoughts are about providing new reports etc in upcoming releases.We are working on a number of different analytics offering. The immediate ones are 1) Engagement Analytics and 2) Response or Customer Support Analytics . These are still early concepts and while we are actively engaged in working on it, the go-live dates haven't been finalized
    Jive-x admin app

    Will there also be mobile admin capabilities for Jive-n?

    We're not looking at any right now other than exposing some analytics. If you are aware of specific admin capabilities that are good candidates for mobile (such as moderation and banning a user) please feel free to share.
    Bulk Upload
    Are there plans for other bulk content management tools? E.g change author, category, apply tags etc.?We're well aware of this need and we're tracking it. It's more likely that we are going to chip away at things one at a time, just like we did with bulk upload. I don't see us dedicating a large chunk of a release to make big progress on this at once but we've got to make incremental progress here.
    Is bulk file uploads coming to Jive-x as well, or just for Jive-n?Bulk upload is included in both Jive-n and Jive-x.
    What is the size limit on the bulk upload feature?The size limits for files are the same as individual file uploads. The number of files that can be uploaded at once is 50.
    Can you put the bulk upload of files into a category?Yes, the full pulbish bar is available to set place, category, and tags. Those settings will be applied to all files in the bulk upload set.
    Will the bulk upload functionality enable bulk-move of docs too?With 2015.2, we only released the ability to bulk create files. Bulk moving and other content management items are on our roadmap.
    Just wondering, will there be a bulk download ever in the future?We're looking at this item in our roadmap along with other enhanced content management items like bulk moving. Bulk Download is a lower priority item when compared to other content management items but it will likely be added around the same time as bulk moving and other bulk content management items.
    Content Types
    Can you turn on just the content types with JiveX? vs. turning on other functionalityYes. News, Support Center, Documents, and Questions all have their own feature toggles and can be turned on / off independently.
    Are structured outcomes available in new discussions?Structured outcomes are still available on the new content types. No changes have been made, other than the placement of actions and marking outcomes, which now appears at the top of the page rather than the sidebar.
    If new documents are not enabled, will the new 'Copy Document' feature still be enabled?Yes. Copy document is available on the current version of documents as well as the beta version of documents.
    Any new tiles based features for jive native mobile apps?The new HTML and App Tiles have the ability to be flagged as responsive in order to be able to be rendered on mobile. In the future, when we add more page and tiles views into the native mobile experience, these flags will be used to render this content, which can include external content from integrated systems, in the native mobile experience.
    What content is on News by default?   How will the News feature impact External Contributors?News will first show subscription streams, followed by user streams, followed by Top & Trending and then Most Recent activity. External contributors will see a News view similar to regular users, but they will continue to only have access to specific content in the application.
    When enabled will News replace the Home page of the community?No, enabling News will not replace the homepage of your community. Home will continue to exist and will become full width. News / Activity streams and Inbox will move into the primary navigation, ensuring that they can easily be accessed from any page in the application. End users will be able to choose Home, News, or Inbox as their preferred landing page.
    Can you follow a tag in a news stream yet?Tags have not yet been added to company subscription streams. Users can follow tags in personal streams. The primary reason for this is the priority we place on company news streams and the fact that tags can be used by anyone to push content to the top of individuals news pages. We have some ideas on how this can work, but getting it right is more complicated than just adding the ability to choose tags for subscription streams.
    Lync Integration
    Does it work for the new Skype for Business (formerly Lync on the PC)?Yes.
    Is Lync/Skype Integration supported with Office365 Online and is there additional cost for this?Jive connector for Lync supports Skype for business, including O365. As long as a user has a thick client installed on the machine.
    Other Integrations

    Will ServiceNow integration be coming soon?

    With our focus on support center, integration with ServiceNow is on our radar. We are evaluating options regarding this integration and we hope to add it to our roadmap soon.
    Have there been any improvements or changes to the Jive to SharePoint connector app?The new SharePoint 2013 connector is being released in the July/August timeframe and is not part of 2015.2.There will be more information provided around the same, closer to the release date.
    Anti Spam
    Is there any anti-spam service available to customers in .2?

    The anti-spam service will be available in 2015.3.

    We have a preview of 2015.2 release already however wasn't able to locate the HTML tile, is there anything which needs to be done from admin console to enable/see this?The HTML tile will be available with the final release. It is currently being developed as an add-on that needs to be installed via the admin console.
    Are there any other new tiles coming through?The HTML tile is the only new tile added in 2015.2, however, we have a number of new tiles planned for 2015.3 so stay tuned for information regarding the next cloud release.
    How is the content in the HTML tile handled in a responsive layout?You can indicate if your html is responsive. If you say that it is, we'll render the continue to show the HTML tile as different screen sizes are detected. If you say that it is not responsive, then the entire tile and it's contents will be hidden in responsive view.
    Will the HTML tile allow javascript, css, and call Jive's APIs?The HTML tile allows javascript, css, and uploaded images, but it doesn't have access to Jive APIs. Last quarter, we released the App Tile that is pretty much the HTML tile with even more power and does have access to Jive APIs.
    Are there any updates on tag management system?We're looking at this item in our roadmap along with other enhanced content management items.
    Will we have the option of expiring content either automatically or manually? Also, what about archiving outdated content?We're looking at this item in our roadmap along with other enhanced content management items like Bulk moving and archiving.
    Does the search function also search through attached documents?Search does index and search through attached documents and binary files, though the content in attachments is at a lower relevance than the primary title, content, and tags.
    On Jive-x did the spotlight format change?The spotlight format changes for both Jive-n and Jive-x with the 2015.2 release.
    I couldn't find Impact Metrics on new documents. Is that still available?Impact metrics is still available on the newer documents. Right now, you have to click the views link to trigger impact metrics. This is not the final design for impact metrics and we're currently iterating this on the newer content designs before we take them out of beta.
    Can you summarize if there are additional fees for any of these features? Or, are they all in core Cloud?There is no cost to the initial version of the Zendesk connector.  This might change in future based on the updates/investment needed.