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    The purpose of this document is to provide a list of the most commonly reported issues found in Jive Cloud 2015.2, including each issue's current status and any possible workarounds.


    This list is managed by the Jive Support team and is based off of issues logs from incoming support cases.


    If you are experiencing an issue that is not on this list, or a provided workaround is not working for you, then please file a new support case with Jive Support. A support engineer will work with you to help identify the issue.


    Commonly Reported Jive Cloud 2015.2 Customer Issues


    Bug IDIssue DetailsShort Workaround SummaryFix Status
    JIVE-59085 & JIVE-58816Documents show "Unexpected Error" or "Unauthorized" message after turning on the new Document layout in Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features

    Workaround 1: Toggle off new document layout in Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features

    Workaround 2: Set system property of jive.default.comments.paginator.threshold to 100 or less. (File a new support case to have this done)

    Fix expected in 2015.3
    JIVE-59210Inbox notification count is missing in the header bar when News is disabledEnabling News in Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features will show the inbox notification in the headerFix expected in 2015.3
    JIVE-59151Skills and Expertise box in the user profile page shows in the middle / center column instead of the right column when the Widget border style isn't set to 0 pxEdit your theme and update the Sample Widget style so that the Border Style has a Border Width of 0px
    JIVE-59279Status update URL from digest email doesn't work when News is disabledEnable news to have the status update links work in the digest emails.


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