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    This is Indrani, first of all , thank you for setting up the group.


    Currently I'm working on Jive Extractor.And I'm not able to retrieve deleted objects details from my own jive environment ( by place vise, using "jive API".


    From the site Jive REST API v3.12 → Deleted Object entity,I have tried the below,but my task is to retrieve the deleted objects by place vise.

    Get All Deleted Content


    To get deleted content, perform a GET to /api/core/v3/deletedObjects/contents




    The above link is not provide the details of like parent(id,type,name),self(id,type,name) etc,Container(id,type,name) etc....


    I mean from where it was deleted,who is it's parent etc...

    Can you please help me regarding the same.