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    I just had a great conversation with Karen Frock about how to onboard new users to an internal Jive community. Coming out of that conversation I thought it might be helpful to create a document where we can all share links to resources that exist within or outside the Jive Community that might help in designing a new user experience. Something like this might already exist, and if so we can just link to that and add to it. If it doesn't exist, then we can get it going here. Anyone who is a member of this group can edit this document and add to it. Let's crowdsource it. If you are able to share content that you have created, add it as attachments (or you can upload it as a file in this group and then link to it here).


    I know that Hillary Boucher of The Community Roundtable has been discussing this topic with members of TheCR. She may have some resources to share as well.


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    Onboarding Resources


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